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⚽Are Tornado Foosball Tables Really the Best?⚽

I know you have played Foosball either at home, with friends or a tournament game. But which Foosball table did you use? Whether you are looking to advance your career in Foosball.

Or it’s from your entertainment then you are in the right place. You are making your first step by considering Tornado Foosball table.

The Short Answer: Yes Tornado tables are some of the best tables. But it also comes down to personal preferences but qualitywise Tornado is one of the top 4 Brands I would recommend those being Tornado, Warrior, Bonzini, and Garlando. (read more on each brand by clicking on them)

These brands are all great at for their foosball playing style.

In this article I will get into the Tornado table features and what makes Tornado stand out from other foosball brands. So keep reading if you want to know more.

Who is The Tornado Foosball Brand

Tornado is a well-renowned brand of foosball tables. It has been an industry leader for the last few decades. Tables of this brand have also been used in the World Championships (since 1986). Engineer Bob Furr created the original Tornado model foosball table.

Valley-Dynamo has been manufacturing the Tornado brand since 1999. Tornado is a market leader in both coin-operated and home recreation room markets. 

Tornado tables are recognized for its different style which shows the unique way in which this producer designed them.

The tables are carefully designed to achieve the maximum possible control of the ball during gameplay. This is very hard to achieve given how light the ball is and how fast it is often hit. Many of the technological innovations that make Tornado tables possible have been patented by the company. 

The company is also renowned for using the highest standard of the raw material to produce the main parts of their tables. These days Tornado Foosball Tables are used in the most important championships of the USA They have also been sanctioned for official play in international tournaments by the concerned governing bodies.

The tables come in many varieties. They can be put broadly in three categories The first category is coin-operated tables. These are used primarily in gaming parlors and arcades in shopping malls. The second category is non-coin operated tables, and the last is special design tables.

These are for use with friends and family at home or for use in company game-rooms. The final category is handcrafted tables. These use the highest quality wood and polish and are designed keeping a discerning customer in mind. All the tables are built-in Richland Hills, Texas.

History Tornado Foosball

Founded back in 1970, Tornado has been the leading manufacturer of high quality, tournament-style foosball tables in the world. Over the past 48 years, Tornado has manufactured several different models, which have included patented designs that are still used today. As an official table of the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation), Tornado is considered the top playing table in the world according to the majority of International foosball players.

Its parent company is named Valley. Founded back in 1945, Valley® has spent more than 70 years as the industry leader in the coin-operated pool table market. Valley-Dynamo, Inc. is a gaming and sporting goods manufacturing company. It has been the dominant manufacturer of coin-operated pool tables in North America for over 6 decades and produces the US-ubiquitous Valley brand and decreasingly common Dynamo brand (once a competitor).

The company also manufactures other market-leader brand names, including Tornado brand table football (foosball), Dynamo air hockey, and Champion indoor shuffleboard tables, as well as Sun Glo shuffleboard equipment, for both the home and coin-op markets.

Quality of Tornado Tables

These are the main features of the Tornado tables. But the specifications can be different from model to model (which I will go into later with the models). They are also the reason why most professional players prefer the. We all love quality, right?

  • Natural solid-wood handles
  • Solid wood leg support
  • Patented Tornado men. Improved with sharper corners. 
  • The increased cross-section for passing and better control of the ball
  • 1/4’’ laminate playfield. It also has the Tornado logo
  • Tornado’s patented split bearing design. It also combines durability. Functions and ease of replacement. Still, it is easy to remove while cleaning.
  • Dual side balls return. They accommodate single practices players. Also competitive games.
  • Built-in Richland Hills TX, USA
  • Thin wall split competition bearing s shot-blocking and greater control.
  • Classic style blonde and black goal counters. 

The popularity of Tornado Foosball is increasing. The manufactures are on the lookout to see what customers most. Customer’s satisfaction comes first right? It is with this that the designers have developed some Tornado series. The brands have their unique features. Customer preferences always differ. Tornado therefor has diversified its products to suit their clients.

In this article, I will also guide you on Tornado Foosball tables. I will provide a detailed explanation of the product review. Top features, pros, and cons. These models are the reason why Tornado is still the best Foosball table. Even if it is the oldest model.

What sets Tornado aside from Other Companies?

The truth of the matter is that Tornado has been designed and developing new tables for the last 45years. Tornado is a cornerstone for best Foosball tables. They are most common in America. That is why they are referred to as American-play style.

Since 1980’s Tornado tables were the only Foosball available. This went on up to 2003 in the World Foosball Tournament. Since then the tables have been trending. The tables are also available in various models like discussed above.

Reasons Why Tornado are Ahead of Others

  • Commendable Experience

    The brand has been there for over 40 years. The manufacturers are experienced. Thus they are able to design high-quality tables. Imagine somebody who has been in the field for all those years. Through this, they are able to study the market and know what the customers need.

    The tables also sell more than others in their price range because of their specifications. Players always look for a product that satisfies their needs. Tornado provides tables for all levels of players.

    They also use new technology. This makes the tables digital. Hence able to serve payers in the diverse world. The years of service are also an advantage to Tornado. Over the years they are able to interact with customers. Thus easy to maintain clients as well as attract new ones.
  • Products Durability

    Tornado uses high-quality materials. For examples, some of the brands are made of mahogany. You all understand the quality of that tree. With that, the product lasts for long. This increases customer’s satisfaction.

    The product might be expensive. But professional players will not compromise price with quality. The tables are used in tournaments because they withstand the uncontrollable playing.

    This is what other brands are lacking. Some companies will prefer to sell products at low prices. So on attract customers. Yes, they will get clients for a short time. But what about the long term benefit? Of course, they will miss out.
  • Availability of Replacement Parts

    Imagine you bought a table today. Some of your rods break. Will you throw away the table? Or you will get another one? Definitely, that will be an expensive venture. Tornado took time to survey the market. They know that most brands do not have spare parts.

    Others do have. But they are for a specific brand. With Tornado brand it is easy to get a replacement part. You can call them and you will get the part ready. Their spare parts are also compatible with other tables.

    Besides that, the replacement parts are available all over. It is not a must you buy from Tornado manufacturers. They still supply genuine replacement parts. To sports and recreational shops located in the regions. Is that not beautiful?

    Besides the parts are available for vintage tables.
  • Used in competitive games

    Tornado Foosball is one of the expensive table soccer. What the advantage of that? You get a top-quality table that will serve you for years. Besides the table is used in competitive matches. Sometimes the players are very vigorous. Thus they will end damaging the table.

    Tornado is designed to withstand all violent motions of the players. The tables can tolerate games played for long hours.

    Tornado Foosball is a good solution in commercial places. The reason because these premises are full of all type of people. Vigorous players are also here. So you will not have to keep worrying about the well-being of the table. It’s made to endure
  • Can be Used in Office or Homes

    Tornado Foosball tables crisp lines and rugged construction. The design makes it easy for the tables to fit ether in office or homes. It is with that many customers will tell you to look for Tornado tables. Before considering another brand. That increases the sales of the brand. Hence outdoing others in the market.

    The Tornado features are incredible. The super quality, durability, and construction make the product to rule out.
  • The Table is Available as Coin Operated

    Sometimes having a Foosball in a busy area can be stressful. Imagine you have to keep an eye that the players do not con you. Tornado table is a perfect solution for you. The table is designed for commercial purposes. The tables are coin-operated. Hence the customers must pay through that.

    The tables can also improve your business. Because customers can spend a lot of time. With no limitations or supervisions.

List of Popular Tornado Tables

These are professional grade tables that are coin-operated. They are targeted at owners of high-end gaming parlors. They have been refined over the years through close consultation with top-ranked foosball players. The following two tables are often used for national and international championships.

T-3000 Platinum Tour Edition Coin Operated

The Platinum Tour Edition combines the durability and solid 2 piece construction found on Tornado products for years, and the upgrades that Tournament Players have asked for.

The Platinum Tour Edition is coin-operated and considered by many as the best foosball table in the world. It uses patented men with improved sharper corners and increased cross-section allowing for better ball control and passing.

This table comes standard with a 5-coin Push Chute mechanism set for either tokens or most types of currency. It has non-telescopic rods allow for durable, smooth action, fast response gameplay

Table Dimensions

  • L: 56” / 142 cm
  • W: 30” / 76 cm
  • H: 36” / 92 cm
  • Weight: 355 lbs / 161 kg

Shipping Dimensions

  • L: 59” / 150 cm
  • W: 53” / 135 cm
  • H: 26” / 66 cm
  • Weight: 405 lbs / 184 kg

The T-3000 models are available in Silver, Black Matte, and Crimson Red and you can choose if you want a 1 or 3 goalie setup.

Tornado T-3000

The T-3000 Tornado table is has taken their prime table and fitted it so that it has become a sanctioned Official Competition table used in the World Cup, World Championships, World Championship Series, Masters, Intercontinental Cup, Champions League, and International Series.

Do you know where the model was first used? It was used in the Platinum tour edition. What’s unique with the product is the foosball playing men are sharper. They also have a big cross-section. What’s the importance of that? It is easy to control and change the handling while playing. The table is designed for competitive players. Are you on of them? It is almost like the competition table. But, it lacks an elaborate ball return and the coin mechanism.

It is the heaviest in the Tornado brands because of the cabinet inside. It easy to find the table in club games and tournament because of the super game quality. The table also has a cross-hatch design. It makes it possible for the control of the ball and gives room for flexibility. It also has a thin wall and good rods used for the ball return. The brand is certified by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF). Still, the table is more common in league matches.

Tornado’s ITSF Official Competition table showcases the features that Tournament Players have asked for. The Platinum Tour Edition ITSF is considered by many as the best foosball table in the world.

Product Description (Tornado T-3000)

  • The cabinet has a heavy-duty laminate. Thus making it look like industrial-grade steel. The table is designed for competitive players. No worry if they are so rough. 
  • The playing men are designed with non-slip materials and sharp corners. The features enhance precision and ball control.
  • The table has a preferred weight. It weighs 355 pounds. It is very stable. Can you lift that weight? If you have to move the table you can always ask for help.
  • The table has a smooth play surface than others. The field is 1/2 inch and has a perfect thickness.
  • The rods have heavy-duty chrome-plated rods and precision manufactured by players. 
  • The table is available in two colors. Black or red. Go for your taste.
  • Besides, the three-man goalie set up comes standard. That should not scare you. Besides you can order a table with a single goalie.
  • The table is also designed for commercial purposes. The split commercial-grade cabinet allows for easy access. The table is designed to be coin-operated. Though you can always set it.
  • The table is heavy but simple to assemble. It is packed into two separate boxes. Inside there are the players. Also a playing field and the cabinet. At the bottom of the cabinet, there are the gizmos. They make the table to be coin-operated.

Top Features (Tornado T-3000)

  • Good design
    It has a well-built design hence it can be used in an office environment. But it is not suitable for small offices because the cabinet is large.
  • Counterbalanced men
    You don’t have to keep maintaining the positions of the playing men now and then. The balance of the men is commendable. You can play for hours without dislocating them. More so when the playing is vigorous and uncontrollable.
  • The scorekeeper
    You do not have to keep counting the scores or filling the scores. The scorekeepers record the game count and the scores.
    The playing men have sharp edges and a cross-hatch design
    This is to provide control of the ball and flexibility while playing. Is that not great?
  • Flat pitch
    The pitch is flat, perfect and gives pleasure while playing.
  • Leg Levelers
    Besides the Tornado 3000 comes with leg levelers that maintain the balance of the table. If your terrain is irregular you do not have to worry.


  • Available in various colors such as crimson pro finishes, Matte Black and Platinum.
  • The leg levers are adjustable
  • Quality rods and a heavy cabinet
  • Well-designed playing men
  • It is certified by ITSF
  • The playfield is sizeable


  • High shipping weight
  • It is expensive

Table Dimensions

  • L: 56” / 142 cm
  • W: 30” / 76 cm
  • H: 36” / 92 cm
  • Weight: 355 lbs / 161 kg

Shipping Dimensions

  • L: 59” / 150 cm
  • W: 53” / 135 cm
  • H: 26” / 66 cm
  • Weight: 405 lbs / 184 kg

Its cabinet design allows the table to be shipped nearly assembled for quick and easy set-up on location. It takes just 30 minutes from box to the first game!

Tables of this segment are for regular use at home. Unlike tables of the previous category, they don’t require entering coins or tokens of any kind to be operated.

Tornado Elite (Best for The Price)

Professional-grade performance. This beautiful table includes the heavy-gauge rods, commercial-grade levelers and patented split bearings that make Tornado tables a favorite among Tournament players.

Professional players say it is one of the best tables. The specification and qualities of the table are in line with tournament level need. The table provides stability when playing even when the game is rough. It has a good thickness and considerable weight that many players love. 

The Tornado Elite Foosball table is a perfect selection for intermediate players. As well as advanced players. It a good deal for anyone willing to invest in a quality table. Its specification is almost like the Tornado 3000. The difference is that Tornado Elite has a lighter cabinet.

Like high-end tables. Tornado has a leveled laminated playing field which is very smooth. Besides, it has steel rods for controlling the ball. It also has spring bearings which allow faster rod spins. The specifications raise the quality of the game. They make it competitive. 

It has the Tornado patented counterbalanced men improved with sharper corners and increased cross-section for better ball control and passing. It has natural solid-wood handles.

Its dual-side ball returns accommodate both competitive games and single-player practice. It also features a durable and attractive Victorian Cherry laminate finish on a 1 1/2” thick cabinet ensures a great look now, and for years to come.

Product Description (Tornado Elite)

  • The tables have bumpers and patented Tornado men. They allow you to play like a professional. Do you know the pistons in an engine? The men are machined with corners like the piston.
  • The table has tight edges. Suitable for perfect ball control.
  • The table has rubber bumpers. They protect the players and the tables. From? Bottoming them out against the wall.
  • The rods and the Tornado bumpers give that amazing sound of Foosball. The steel rods hiss through the bearing. Also, the little Ching thump when it bottoms out at the end.
  • The installation of the table is easy. Like I always say you don’t have to call your neighbors. The assembling process is simple. What might be challenging is fixing the playing men on the rods.
  • Easy installation of the legs. You only to attach them with two bolts. Each one of them. The Table also has leg pads and down corner construction. That gives room for structural stability. The table has extra weight. Do you know why? Because of the heavy-duty construction.
  • On the rods, the players fit very tight. They are designed with that tight specification. It will consume little silicon and time to install them.
  • The men are then fastened on the rods using the punch pins. The table also comes with a punch tool drive.

Top Features (Tornado Elite)

  • Good Rods
    The rods are telescopic thus playing on this table is safe and fantastic. The rods also have wooden handles. These allows a firm grip for the players. Thus able to control the ball.
  • Zero Dead Spots
    Inside the table, there is a bearing design which is thin. What’s the function? It prevents and controls the ball from passing between the wall and the playing men. 
  • Well-designed men
    The playing men have sharp corners. They improve the control of the ball.
  • Light Cabinet
    The cabinet makes the table less heavy. Hence it can fit even in small offices.


  • Has a lighter cabinet
  • ITSF certified Tornado practice table
  • The smooth hard playing field and quality rods
  • Foosball playing men well designed
  • Thin-wall split competition bearing
  • Easy ball retrieval


  • Shorter life span compared to Tornado 3000
  • The lighter cabinet can break
  • Difficult in assembling the men on the rods

Table Dimensions

  • L: 56” / 142 cm
  • W: 30” / 77 cm
  • H: 36” / 91 cm
  • Weight: 255 lbs / 116 kg

Shipping Dimensions

  • L: 59” / 150 cm
  • W: 30” / 77 cm
  • H: 17” / 43 cm
  • Weight: 275 lbs / 125 kg

Tornado Classic Foosball

Right here is another amazing Tornado table brand. The quality of the table is immeasurable to its price.

It has a thick cabinet and counterbalanced men. The design is cool and the table has a long life span. When I started playing Foosball, I could spend 100 dollars on buying a table. With time I realized that budget was too high.

Did I stop playing Foosball? Of course no. I started looking for high-quality tables to improve my game. And you know what? Tornado classic was a solution for me. The table is good for beginners.

Looking for that table to store in your house? Tornado classic is the way to go. The table brings affordability into Foosball. If you are a beginner to Foosball buying a Tornado classic is a good choice. The table has a high performance and the specifications are commendable.

Product Description (Tornado Classic)

We all have themes right? Every event comes with a theme. Tornado Classic table is easy to blend with your theme. The table has a cool deeper look. So? It’s compatible with many themes. 

  • The thickness of the cabinet is amazing. It is 1,5 inch.
  • The men are counterbalanced and sharp for largest control of the game.
  • The rods are lighter. Hence kids can play with them.
  • The table has heavy-duty construction.
  • Like the Elite, Tornado Classic has individual screw in and out leg levelers.
  • The handles are made of wood,
  • The playing field is awesome. Because of the three-color logo design.
  • The bearings are amazing. They are a bit lighter. Instead of tightening the jam nut from outside the cabinet they pop inside and stay there.
  • The table is easy to assemble. Attach the legs to the cabinet. Put the rod, nearing and bumpers on. Make sure the men are tight on the rods. 
  • The table weighs 225 pounds. But with the heavy-duty construction, they are durable.

Top Features (Tornado Classic)

  • Leg Levelers
    The Tornado classic has adjustable leg levelers. They will maintain your table positions. Even when playing on unstable grounds.
  • Foosball Men Design
    The players are designed to enhance the control of the ball.


  • It’s affordable
  • Laminated playfield
  • Parts are of high quality
  • A good design for new players
  • It is ITSF certified.


  • Shorter life span compared to Tornado 3000 or the Tornado Elite
  • Heavy-duty design. Thus it is difficult to assemble the men on the rods

The Tornado Classic combines a contemporary look with heavy-duty down corner construction and commercial-grade leg levelers. The black textured leather laminate finish is a match for practically any environment.

Many of the high-performance parts, including counterbalanced men, 1 1/2 “ thick cabinet walls and 3/4” laminate playfield provide players the highest quality at a great price. It features a single side ball return.

Table Dimensions

  • L: 56” / 142 cm
  • W: 30” / 77 cm
  • H: 36” / 91 cm
  • Weight: 255 lbs / 116 kg

Shipping Dimensions

  • L: 59” / 150 cm
  • W: 30” / 77 cm
  • H: 17” / 43 cm
  • Weight: 275 lbs / 125 kg

Tornado Sport Foosball Table

Tornado Sport is a high-end table. Still, it is the best recreational playing table in the market. Of all the Tornado series this brand worth its value. The brand is affordable is households. Besides, it meets the rule of tournament quality tables.

It is also a perfect choice for all level of players. Be it a professional, intermediate or a newbie. It has quality specifications of what players look for. Unfortunately, it has not received certification from ITSF.

The table is designed for most control of the ball. The playing men have tapered toes and sharp feet with corners. Those feet features give room for ball control. The table has a beautiful look. Because it is coated with mahogany which adds on its durability.

The Tornado balls are also perfect. They enhance the control of the game. They also have a textured surface. That makes it easy pin and grip the ball on the field. And so? It is easy to score or pass the ball.

This table is great for both starters and the more experienced player. Tornado Sport is built to the same exacting quality standards as the rest of the Tornado product line, right here in the USA. Height adjustment, durable construction, and Mahogany Melamine finish allow generations of enjoyment for the young, the young at heart, and even the not-so-young.

It features height-adjustable legs with boot levelers. The height-adjustable legs make this table perfect for younger children too short to stand over the table. Another attractive feature of this foosball table is the presence of SureGrip black rubberized handles. It also features dual end ball returns.

Product Description (Tornado Sport Table)

  • The cabinet has a thickness of 1 inch. Besides, it has a mahogany Melamine finish.
  • The legs levelers are adjustable boots instead of the screw out adjusters. Inside there are shims. They are designed to level the table and the height. The shims are 10. With that, the table can have varying heights.
  • The bearing and rods are like that of Tornado Classic. But they are lighter.
  • The handles are made of plastic. They are of the same size as other tables but lighter.
  • The playfield is 1/2 inch. The center is very beautiful. Because of the one-color logo.
  • The table is simple to install. You only need to put four bolts to the cabinet to start it. Then you can fix the rods in. With the men and bearing bumpers. Finally, attach the score rods. You good to begin the game.
  • The table lacks beefiness in the frame. What’s the advantage? It makes it lighter than others in the same brand.
  • The players are dynamic and sharp. Hence a quality game. Some say the men are not counterbalanced. Is it true? I once tried and they stayed up.
  • Like in other categories Tornado Sport balls are smooth. They come along with silicone

Top Features (Tornado Sport)

  • Perfect Playing Field
    The field is made of melamine. The field is fitted with inner bearings and it is very smooth. These facilitate smooth gameplay and eliminates dead spots.
  • The Rods
    They are made of steel. They are also hollow. Thus they are light and kids can play with them.
  • Table stability
    The table is solid and stable. Regardless of whether the game is calm or vigorous the table rarely misadjusts. The legs are thick. So they make the table intact to the ground. What else’s? The table weighs 205 pounds. That an assurance that the table will not budge.
  • Table Boots
    The table legs have these boots. They allow you to maintain a leveled playing ground. Besides, it’s easy to adjust the angle of your table.


  • End ball return
  • Easy leveling
  • Faster rod spins
  • Greatest control


  • Foosball men not counterbalanced
  • Hollow steel
  • Not ITSF certified

Table Dimensions

  • L: 56” / 142 cm
  • W: 30” / 77 cm
  • H: 36” / 91 cm
  • Weight: 205 lbs / 92 kg

Shipping Dimensions

  • L: 59” / 150 cm
  • W: 34” / 86 cm
  • H: 17” / 43 cm
  • Weight: 275 lbs / 116 kg

Hand Crafted Tornado Tables

The following tables are handcrafted with a greater emphasis on a high-quality finish and refined aesthetics. Each raw material used in building this table has been carefully selected.

That, combined with first-class craftsmanship makes tables of this segment truly stand out from the rest. The tables below are for the discerning consumer with a fine taste in home furnishings.

Tornado Rustic

Champion Shuffleboard and Connelly Billiards have years of experience with beautifully crafted stained wood finishes. From that expertise, Tornado now offers a line of Foosball tables featuring furniture-quality craftsmanship and an attractive selection of stain shades.

Fully American-built in their Richland Hills TX facility, stained by hand, and designed with the time-tested features that have made Tornado tables renowned for their enjoyable gameplay, these beautifully-constructed tables will provide years of reliable enjoyment. The crafted Tornado Foosball tables will make a good esthetic look for your game room still having a great look.

Table Dimensions

  • L: 56” / 142 cm
  • W: 30” / 77 cm
  • H: 36” / 91 cm
  • Weight: 285 lbs / 129 kg

Shipping Dimensions

  • L: 59” / 150 cm
  • W: 30” / 77 cm
  • H: 17” / 43 cm
  • Weight: 310 lbs / 140 kg

Tornado Reagan

From that expertise, Tornado now offers a line of Foosball tables featuring furniture-quality craftsmanship and an attractive selection of stain shades. Fully American-built in Richland Hills TX facility, stained by hand, and designed with the same features that make the Tornado tables enjoyable in the gameplay, these beautifully-constructed tables just have another rustic look to it.

Rods are made with hollow core for lighter and smoother feel. Also, this table includes split bearings which help you slide the rods easily. The natural wood handles are designed with an octagonal shape for better gripping. Track whos on top with the abacus style scoring unit that is present on both ends.

Table Dimensions

  • L: 56” / 142 cm
  • W: 30” / 77 cm
  • H: 36” / 91 cm
  • Weight: 285 lbs / 129 kg

Shipping Dimensions

  • L: 59” / 150 cm
  • W: 30” / 77 cm
  • H: 17” / 43 cm
  • Weight: 310 lbs / 140 kg

Tornado Madison

The table specification of the madison table is the same as the other handcrafted tables.

Table Dimensions

  • L: 56” / 142 cm
  • W: 30” / 77 cm
  • H: 36” / 91 cm
  • Weight: 285 lbs / 129 kg

Shipping Dimensions

  • L: 59” / 150 cm
  • W: 30” / 77 cm
  • H: 17” / 43 cm
  • Weight: 310 lbs / 140 kg

Tornado Worthington

The table specification of the Worthington table is the same as the other handcrafted tables.

Table Dimensions

  • L: 56” / 142 cm
  • W: 30” / 77 cm
  • H: 36” / 91 cm
  • Weight: 285 lbs / 129 kg

Shipping Dimensions

  • L: 59” / 150 cm
  • W: 30” / 77 cm
  • H: 17” / 43 cm
  • Weight: 310 lbs / 140 kg

Tornado Venetian

The table specification of the Venetian table is the same as the other handcrafted tables.

Table Dimensions

  • L: 56” / 142 cm
  • W: 30” / 77 cm
  • H: 36” / 91 cm
  • Weight: 285 lbs / 129 kg

Shipping Dimensions

  • L: 59” / 150 cm
  • W: 30” / 77 cm
  • H: 17” / 43 cm
  • Weight: 310 lbs / 140 kg

Quotes from Players

Do you want to hear what players comment on Foosball? I will take you through. Tornado Foosball has powerful weapons available to attract players across the world. They have that great feeling. Most players attribute their success to the Tornado tables.

Here are some of the direct quotes from players

Expensive but the best Tournament Standard Table. That on the market you can buy today!’ In that comment. It’s that the player has carried a thorough research on Foosball table. It’s with that, that he says it the best tournament standard table. Consider that. 

We had one of these tables in our offices for over two years now. It must have over 100 games a day played on it. It is almost indestructible! Will last forever. When it arrives expect a heavy and large pallet, you will not be able to assemble it alone-it is far too heavy. Once assembled it is heavy, solid table with great Quality’.

What can we learn from that? It is that the table is of quality. Still, it withstands uncontrollable playing. Imagine 100 games being played on a day on a single day. The construction and material make the table durable.

Let’s hear this other one.

I spent about two weeks researching these tables. It was a difficult decision between this table and the Garlando. It looks most attractive than the Tornado. But that is not why I was buying a Foosball table. I choose the Tornado and I am confident that I made the right choice. It is fantastic table and is the best in the category.

In that case that is a professional player. He is familiar with all Foosball tables available in the market. He first preferred Garlando because it’s beautiful. But, you cannot compromise beauty with quality. The features of Tornado made the player confident. How about that?

Another player has this about Tornado.

I am Tornado player from MN. A little over a year ago I moved to the Tornado dead zone. The only Foosball that I can find is Bonzini. Which has been hard for me to get used to. I miss my Tornado.

That’s a player who shifted to another brand. But still, he is not satisfied. He is obsessed with Tornado. He cannot see any good feature in Bonzini. The features of Tornado could be the one keeping him.

The players are the key success for Tornado manufacturers. The designers rely on those customers and players views. They are able to develop tables they will sell out more. It is from this reason that the tournament tables are recommended for the US tournaments.

Get one high-quality table. Either for your entertainment or business. You will not regret. You can also post your comment for other to see.

Why Tornado Aren’t that Big in Europe

In the real world, you cannot be popular everywhere. Even the manufacturers have a geographical limit in which they serve. The same case happens to Tornado tables. They are not popular in Europe. This is because the Tornado tables are associated with US.

Hence the name America Play Style. Some countries in Europe feel that the brand is only meant for the Americans.

The manufacturers also have limited the supply in countries outside US. It’s rare to find Tornado tables in local sports shops of Europe.

The countries go for other brands such as Bonzini which a French-owned European style. (Read more on Bonzini here)

Also, there exists a cultural difference between American Foosball tables and European Foosball tables. In European Foosball is considered as an authentic sport. Where techniques are required to guarantee a fair play. Thus a high-quality Foosball table is needed.

Contrary to America. Foosball is a play for all ages. It is more of a hobby. Hence the European do not prefer the Tornado tables. They feel that the fabrication and techniques are quite different. The reason is the purpose of the tables is different.

Conclusion on Tornado

If you choose any Tornado table you will get a good foosball playing table. The General quality of their tables is so high that no matter what table you end up choosing you will be happy.

You are in the market looking for that perfect Foosball table and want the best? The most high-quality table. Choose Tornado Foosball tables and you will not regret. Tornado series will help you choose your preferred taste. The tables have a unique design that keeps the brand ahead of others in the market. 

The table has a warrant of one year. So in case of a technical problem always consult the manufacturer. The tables are heavy dependable. Most professional players go for them. You have read those comments from some of them.

We all dream of that luxurious car. Tornado tables are the luxurious Foosball tables. They are the best tables in many regions. Some say that the tables are expensive. But the manufacturers will assure that the price is worth the quality.

When it comes to selecting a Foosball table for your home or office. Go for Tornado and enjoy the benefits. The tables have different prices. But you can always check on Amazon.

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