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Best Foosball Tables For The Money Right Now (Updated for 2023)


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Criteria we look at when reviewing

Whether you’re looking for a foosball table for your basement, a bar, or other rec room setups, there are countless options available to you today.

In addition to one and three-goalie tables, you can choose from various price points, design features, and finishes as well. Some foosball tables also incorporate other games, such as 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 table/game options.

Although there isn’t a perfect foosball table on the market, there are several great products you can invest in, for home and commercial use.

Depending on the features which are most important to you, the design, quality, and the name-brands you’re looking for, you’ll quickly find dozens of excellent foosball tables for the price point you’ve set aside for the purchase.

In this guide, we want to help you find the best foosball table, which is tailored to your gaming style and matches your way of playing (competitive or for fun).

We’ll focus on several variables to help you find the best foosball table. Some things we’ll include in each review below includes

  • Ratings from owners (both positive and negative comments/remarks owners have made about the foosball tables)
  • The dimensions, material finishes, construction, and quality
  • The playing surface, the men (players), and how the grip handles are set up
  • Additional features including how many balls you’ll receive, whether it’s a professional-sized foosball table, who it’s for (beginner, amateur, pro, competitive, etc.), and other characteristics to help you ultimately find the best foosball table, for your gaming style.

Regardless of your budget, you have several choices when the time comes to invest in a new foosball table. Here we have compiled a list of the best foosball tables for you to consider when you are ready.

Best Beginner Foosball Tables

When shopping for the best foosball tables for beginners, affordability is something you’re probably looking for. Whether you’re brand new to the game, or simply want something that will allow you to get practice at home, for a tournament or other professional gameplay, there are several options to consider investing in. These are the best 1 and 3-goalie varieties for beginners.

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1-Goalie – Beginner Table

This Wooden Foosball Table from Best Choice is a good option. It features a 48-inch versatile gameplay table and player-friendly design. There are 8 rows, so 4 rows per team, in red and white uniforms. There’s also a cup holder on each end, so players can enjoy a beverage to keep them cool as competition heats up.

PROS: Some of the great features/pros this table incorporates include

  • It features ergonomic grip handles optimizing a comfortable grip for players to maintain full control during intense gameplay
  • It comes with two balls and a frictionless surface ensures smooth, even play throughout
  • Chrome-finished steel rods are similar to professional tables, at a much higher price point
  • A composite wood frame is durable and will withstand hours of play in an indoor environment
  • The foosball gameplay area is competition size, so beginners can amp up their game in preparation for tournaments and more competition later on

CONS: There are some drawbacks worth noting as well. Some issues customers noted include

  • Customers complained the table was missing a goalie box upon arrival
  • The table isn’t very easy to setup (expert assembly is more expensive than the table itself)
  • The composite wood isn’t the most durable frame

Ultimately, for the price point, and the fact that it’s an entry-level foosball table, it’s a great option for those who are new to the game and on a tight budget.

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3-Goalie – Beginner Table

The Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball table is a decent option for beginners in search of a 3-goalie table. You can play in the light or in a darkened gamed room with the builtin LED lighting throughout the sides and legs of the foosball table. Both goal boxes light up as well so players can concentrate on the game. This is a feature many kids really will enjoy. And this table is mainly made for kids in mind and not the experienced player.

PROS: Some excellent selling points include

  • An affordable price point for the 3-goalie table
  • The 47” X 27” playing field
  • Durable 15.8 mm steel playing rods are sturdy and won’t crack under pressure
  • Built-in electronic scoring automatically tallies up goals during gameplay
  • At nearly 35” tall, the table is suitable for young and older players alike
  • When a player scores, there are cool sound effects.

CONS: There are a few issues customers have discussed regarding this table which include

  • The table is a larger box, with several smaller boxes within it, detracting from the overall quality and appearance of play.
  • The table features sloped corners, so it does require somewhat of a learning curve in comparison to flat tables
  • This table is ok for kids, but not quality enough for experienced players.
  • The players are NOT counterbalanced.

The LED lights are a cool feature. The 3-goalie design does allow for added defense along the baseline as well. The table’s reasonably priced and features durable, sturdy construction.

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Best Foosball Tables for $100 to $300

For players who are on a tight budget, there are several great tables that fall below $300. Obviously, the quality might be subpar in comparison to a $1500 table. However, if you’re looking for a foosball table for everyday play, these are a couple of options to consider investing in.

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1-Goalie – Tables at $100 To $300

The Kick Glory 48” Foosball Table is an excellent entry-level 1-goalie foosball table for the price. It features a durable design, sturdy legs, and it quickly sets up in the garage or game room at home, with minimal effort in putting it together. Some great selling points include

  • Full-sized gameplay area of 48” X 24″”
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty covering the frame
  • An analog counter allows players to keep track of the score
  • It includes leg levelers to ensure a smooth, even playing surface
  • You receive two styles of soccer balls, and 11 red jersey and 11 blue jersey players are lined up for action

Some of the quality issues customers have noted with this table are

  • The simple design isn’t as well-made as another higher-end table/models
  • It’s not a full-size table, so if you aren’t looking for competition play it’s a reasonable alternative

For the price, you can’t really beat what you’re getting with this foosball table. It’s affordable, requires virtually no setup, and it’s a solidly built foosball table for the price point.

3-Goalie – Tables at $100 To $300

This Hathaway Playoff 4′ Foosball Table is a great product that falls well below the $300 price point. It features colorful graphics as well as a stadium full of fans, mimicking a life match. Realistic, ABS-molded players, also add to the allure of live gameplay and competition. You can easily distinguish your team as players are wearing either green or blue jerseys.

Some nice characteristics this table brings to life includes

  • A solid surface, with sleek steel rods
  • The playing surface is 40” in length by 22.75” in depth
  • You’ll receive a 180-day manufacturer’s warranty with your purchase
  • Quality engineered wood construction ensures the table won’t crumble or shatter under pressure
  • An analog counter allows you to easily keep score during live, fast-paced action

With these excellent selling points, some of the main complaints customers indicate are

  • The table isn’t the highest quality; stickers peel off quickly from the sides
  • The legs are a bit wobbly if you apply too much pressure onto the table during live action

These are some things to be expected for such a low priced product. However, the overall quality is pretty good for the regulation-sized foosball table.

Best Foosball Tables for $300 to $500

If you have a little more to spend, these are the best foosball tables priced at $500 and below. Whether you’re looking to amp up the competition, or just want a more sturdy, well-built table, consider these two options, depending on whether you prefer a 1 or 3-goalie setup.

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1-Goalie – Tables at $300 To $500

This T&R Sports 60” Foosball Table is a nice, sturdy product, for those looking for a single-goalie setup. With steel ball bearings, it features a smooth finish with multiple looks, and 15 mm chromium, solid steel rods, which are built to withstand heavy gameplay by players of all experience levels.

Some of the features which set this table apart are

  • The large playing surface is regulation-sized, so you can practice for competition and tournaments from your own home
  • It features cup holders so players can stay cool with their favorite beverage as competition heats up
  • Side ball droppers are solid chromium finish, similar to the playing rods
  • Players are easy to distinguish wearing yellow or white jerseys
  • Ergonomic grip handles allow you to maintain full control during fast-paced action, with rubber grips which are sweat-proof as competition ramps up

Some issues customers have complained of online are

  • The composite material isn’t as sturdy as it appears in the images
  • It requires quite some time to set up the table, and you will need more tools than what’s included with the table
  • Customers also complain that the screws don’t fit smoothly into their slots, so the table isn’t as sturdy as they’d like for this price point

It looks good, features nice detail work throughout, and it is regulation size. If you’re looking to improve your game for competition or tournaments, this table is reasonably priced for at-home use and practice. (

3-Goalie Tables at $300 To $500

The Rally & Roar Foosball Table is a standard 56” table. It’s a multiperson or player table, ideal for children and adults alike. You can set it up in-game rooms, pool halls, bars, or in a home rec room or commercial facility. The quality design requires little assembly. Some great aspects this table brings to the playing field are

  • A solid, well-built frame ideal for tournament or enjoyment/fun
  • It features a smooth turf and ergonomic grip handles, and a solid wood-bead scorer
  • The players are weighted, giving you optimal control of movements during live game action
  • 5/8” chrome, steel-plated rods are durable and won’t crack or dent under pressure
  • It features ramped edges for continual motion and leg levelers ensure the game surface is always balanced

Some of the drawbacks customers have noted are

  • Some players indicate the table isn’t as sturdy as it appears, and parts begin to pop off (easy to reattach), but not expected from this price point
  • Some customers also indicate it takes longer to put together than the instruction/manufacturer leads on

All in all, the foosball table is solidly built. The weighted players add a nice feel of realism, and the sturdy construction helps ensure a smooth surface and fast-paced action for beginners, amateurs, or more experienced players alike.

Best Foosball Tables for $500 to $800

As we increase the price points for the best foosball table, you can expect the quality and design to improve as well. If you’re within the $500 to $800 price range, there are several great foosball tables with one or three-goalie setups to consider. Depending on which features are most important to you, and the design you like best, these are a couple of tables to consider for the target price.

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1-Goalie Tables at $500 To $800

This foosball table, by Playcraft Milan, is a European-style table, which is solidly built, with a rugged exterior, yet features a refined and elegant look for your basement or game room. The durable side aprons are 1.4 inches thick, and tournament-style balls are balanced for sharper, faster scoring during quick competition and play. The counterbalance, robot-style men gives off a futuristic vibe with this foosball table as well. The red and black players are easy to differentiate, so you don’t make a mistake or wrong pass, as the competition gets heated.

Some excellent features players will love with this table include

  • The weighted men feature tournament-shaped feet, helping you get better angles and faster kicking speeds
  • The chrome-plated, telescopic steel rods are easy to control and feature an ergonomic grip design, so you remain cool and calm, as play speeds up
  • The men are factory molded, with additional internal support, giving a greater level of realism during play
  • Adjustable leg levers guarantee a smooth, even, level playing field, as the action gets faster
  • The smooth, slick playing surface, guarantees quick movement and avoids the ball getting jammed in corners/edges for players who like fast, seamless gaming

The primary complaint that customers indicate with this foosball table included

  • The colors aren’t as bright as they appear in the image/online
  • Some areas on the table do feature dead spots, so this can slow down gameplay a bit

Overall, this foosball table is solidly constructed, features realistic players, and weighted bearings, help improve the realism of gameplay. A smooth playing surface and reasonable price point round out some of the great features you’ll appreciate with this foosball table by Playcraft Milan.

3-Goalie Tables at $500 To $800

The Kick Triumph 55” Foosball Table is one of the best products out there for those who are looking for a 3-goalie setup in this price bracket. The sleek black finish with chrome molding, gives off the impression of the table is extremely high-priced, but it’s set at a reasonable price point. The elegant and simplistic design mimics that of a professional foosball table but is available for a fraction of the price. The counter-balanced men add realism to gameplay and give you more control of movements during fast-paced action on the field. The red and blue-uniformed players are easy to distinguish from one another, so you won’t get confused and pass to the wrong teammate during a game.

Some of the great features you’ll appreciate with the Kick Triumph table are

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’re covered if you have any issues or quality concerns with your foosball table
  • The 55” playing surface is regulation-sized, so you can practice as you ramp up your game for tournaments or to compete against better players
  • Smooth turf mimics a life soccer field, for more realism during live action
  • The levelers allow you to ensure an even, smooth playing surface
  • Wood-ergonomic grip handles also give you full control of your players as the action gets more intense during a match

Some of the possible detractions that players and customers have indicated regarding this foosball table included

  • It is terrible to assemble and the directions are extremely confusing
  • Pieces are mismarked which adds to the frustration of putting the foosball table together
  • The particleboard is a cheaper material you wouldn’t expect to see in a table at this price range

Overall, the solid construction, weighted players, and turf field make for a realistic game. The levelers, chrome accents, easily distinguished jerseys, and the lifetime warranty, are all major selling points for this 3-goalie foosball table.

Best Foosball Tables for $800 to $1200

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Those who are looking for professional-grade foosball tables, look no further! For a price point of $800 to $1200, you can expect excellent finishes, detail, and design features. When shopping for the best foosball table within this price bracket, consider these two options for 1 and for 3-goalie varieties available through Amazon.

1-Goalie – Tables at $800 To $1200

The Warrior Table Soccer Foosball Table with LED Enhanced Lighting is a great option for those searching for a 1-goalie table priced at below $1200. The counterbalanced foosball men with split bearings ensure smoother, faster movements during competitive play. The shot control is excellent, and the weighted, professional feet, allow you to take shots from any angle towards the goal, with a high level of accuracy. There are 11 players per side, wearing black or red jerseys, so there’s no confusion as to who your teammates are.

Some of the nice features you’ll appreciate with this 1-goalie foosball table include

  • The solid construction and improved ball return design (the ball is channeled to the center of the table without hoses)
  • The single-goalie design and table feature banked corners, for smoother, faster playing speeds
  • Assembled men on rods make the setup of your new table quick and easy and swivel foot levers make it easier to level the foosball table regardless of the surface you place it on
  • A rod guard system keeps players safe during fast-paced action; kids and adults are safer with the rod protections
  • The official tournament table is 200 pounds, ensuring a solid, well-built exterior and interior frame, ensuring you’re investing in a foosball table that will last for many years to come

The integrated LED enhanced table is excellent for playing in light or dark conditions. There are a few issues customers have complained of on Amazon including

  • Setup takes more than 25 minutes, which the manufacturer claims are all that’s required to put the foosball table together
  • One customer indicates the quality isn’t as good as expected for the price point paid

Overall, this foosball table has some of the highest ratings on Amazon. It’s reasonably priced, features enhanced rods, and protective barriers and the LED lighting is a nice added feature, for gameplay at any time of day or night. It’s great for kids and adults alike, and the table can be set up in a home, or in a commercial establishment for patrons to use. The lower-priced table that isn’t LED led is also a great option.

3-Goalie Tables at $800 To $1200

The Kick Titan 55” Tournament Foosball Table is a great option for those who are in the higher-end price range for a new foosball table. You can expect the very best in design, quality, and overall stability with this foosball table. Like other Kick Titan products, it also comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty. So, you know your table is covered in the event of damage, wear, or if you need to replace any parts, regardless of how many years you own it for.

Some great features players will appreciate include

  • The full-sized, professional tournament playing surface
  • The durable and elegant design, with black paint finish throughout
  • The uniformed, counterbalance men are easy to control
  • Ergonomic grip handles give you full control during live gameplay
  • There are slide-scoring mounts on either side of the table and sturdy, 5” leg levelers, with rubber bottoms

This table also offers the option of 1 or 3-goalie design, with the adjustment kit, if you want to utilize it for one goalie style tournament play. There are a couple of drawbacks players should realize prior to purchasing this table. The only major issue that players have indicated is the setup of the table. It does require some work and you will need a few tools to put it together. Other than this, it’s a well-built, solid foosball table for the price point.

If you are looking for quality, well-built, sturdy foosball tables, look no further than this one from Kick Titan. With the lifetime warranty, you also know you’re covered in the event of damage to any parts of your table. (

Best Foosball Table $1200 and Up

When we’re talking $1200 and up, we’re looking at the top edge of foosball tables. If you have the money to spend and are looking for the best foosball table for a bar, commercial facility, or for a game room, these are the best tables available for the money. That being said these tables are also in the range where people’s personal preferences and feelings matter in a lot.

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1-Goalie – Table $1200 And Up

The Garlando G500 Indoor Foosball Table is a great option at a price just under $1300. This table features telescopic steel rods and steel bearings, guaranteeing sturdy construction and high-end finishes throughout. You’ll also receive 10 standard foosball soccer balls with the table, so you never have to worry about losing a ball and waiting to order a replacement. A 1-inch thick, solid wood cabinet is treated with a melamine coating, for superior durability. The white sleek finish also stands out and apart from other foosball tables you can purchase.

Some of the excellent selling points customers will appreciate this foosball table include

  • The silver varnished polished legs not only look great but will withstand plenty of use and weight by players who are amateurs and professionals alike
  • The 56.3” L X 30” W is a professional, regulation-sized table, and the 167-pound table can withstand plenty of gameplay and use
  • The ultra-modern table features a laminated playing surface, with a plastic finish, for smooth, fast-paced gaming at all times
  • The rust-resistant telescopic rods, steel bearings, and men are meant to help increase the speed of play while minimizing stress on your wrists
  • The grips feature a wooden finish to help ensure a more ergonomic design and sweat-proof design; the bars are completely molded.

You’ll enjoy a two-year warranty with this foosball table as well. So, you know your investment is fully protected if there’s any damage, denting, or wear to the players or playing surface, over time. The only complaint that a reviewer mentions on Amazon is the fact that the plastic players look a bit cheap, for the high priced foosball table. However, the overall quality and design throughout, make up for this drawback.

If you’re an amateur or professional, or if you’re looking for a commercial-grade foosball table, this is a great option for a 1-goalie design. It is a higher-end model, with high-end finishes throughout. The warranty is a bit shorter than anticipated for the price, but otherwise, a great purchase for those who are looking for a professional table within this price range. I

3-Goalie – Table $1200 And Up

This Valley-Dynamo Tornado Classic Foosball Table features a 3-goalie design. The black and yellow players are easy to distinguish from one another, to minimize confusion when competing at a high level. Wooden grips at the end of the handles are ergonomic and sweat-proof, so your hands will remain dry, regardless of how intense the competition gets. A 1.5-inch thick cabinet, features a black laminate finish, that looks good, and is structurally sound as well.

Some of the great features you’ll appreciate with this table’s construction includes

  • The adjustable, commercial-grade foot levers help keep the playing surface level at all times
  • Natural solid wood handles won’t wear over time, regardless of how tight a player’s grip might be
  • A 3/4-inch laminate playing surface is smooth and features the 3-color Tornado logo at the center of the table
  • The foosball table is built in the US, so you know all parts are well-made and durable
  • You receive two pink, rod silicone professional foosballs with the table, and the single side ball-return gives off a professional feel to this regulation-sized table as well

One reviewer does note that the table is well-built. The only issue this reviewer indicates is that the rod chrome began to flake a bit, but this was approximately after two years of ownership and heavy use. Apart from this, the high-end table not only looks professional but feels professional. It’s a great investment for foosball players who want to practice for tournaments and competitive play.

Excellent design, professional-grade finishes, and a professional-sized table are all features this Tornado foosball table delivers. This is one of the best foosball tables for players who want high-quality, or for a commercial-grade foosball table, for use at home or in a commercial setting. (

The Best Foosball Table for Families

If you’re looking for the best foosball table that the entire family will have fun playing on, there are a few great options to choose from. You’re probably looking for more of an affordable price point, rather than professional-grade finishes, especially if you have kids (and their friends coming over often) who will play on the foosball table. Consider these two tables for your family’s enjoyment.

1-Goalie – Foosball Table For Families

This Carrom Signature Foosball Table is a great buy for the basement or game room in your home. It’s a bit on the higher-priced side, coming in at just under $1000, but it’s a table that is built to withstand heavy use. You’re going to love teaching the kids the rules and how to play, and you’ll also love competing with friends on the weekends when you set up your new foosball table at home.

Some of the great selling points customers will appreciate with this table are

  • The table features a 1-inch Morrocan wood finish cabinet, that’s built to withstand heavy use
  • It weighs about 160 pounds, and measures 50.3” L X 36” W, so it’s just a little smaller than competition-sized tables
  • It has 5/8′-inch chrome-plated hollow steel rods, and 8-sided hardwood handles for an ergonomic grip and control
  • The premium bearings help minimize stress on the wrists and improve the speed of play for a fast-paced gaming experience
  • There’s a wood-beaded scoring system on either side of the table, so you can easily keep score while playing against family or friends at home

The table is made in the USA as well, so all parts are fully warranted and covered when you invest in this great foosball table. The ball return is also a high-impact plastic finish, for durability and longevity. A couple of customers complained of manufacturing issues, and screws coming loose on the table shortly after purchase. And, a couple of customers also complained of the lack of instruction and guide-holes on the side of the tables for screwing the cross brackets into place. Apart from this, all reviews were fairly positive about this family foosball table.

It’s a bit higher in price than some other tables on the list. But, the high-end finishes, detail, and quality playing surface are some excellent selling points. This is a great foosball table for families with kids to enjoy competitive action at home.

3-Goalie – Foosball Table For Families

If you’re searching for a foosball table for your family with a 3-goalie design, the Kick Gemini 55” Foosball Table is a great investment. The finishes are elegant and durable, with counterbalanced men to mimic a more life-like feel while playing. The counterbalanced uniforms also help distinguish players on each team, with players wearing either red or blue uniforms on the field.

Some key characteristics customers have noted about this table which make it a great option for families include

  • The large dimensions are close to professional-sized tables at 55” L X 30” W
  • The table comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’re covered for as long as you own it
  • The sturdy, 5” leg levers allow you to adjust and level the table, for a smooth, even playing surface at all times
  • There’s a ramp kit which is included for this 3-goalie table, so you can adjust to 1-goalie design if you’d like as well
  • There are 8, 5/8-inch durable chrome-plated rods featuring an ergonomic grip design for full comfort and command during gameplay

You’ll also receive free rod lubricant with the purchase of this foosball table. And, customers also receive free, same-day shipping when they place their order through Amazon. This Kick foosball table is reasonably priced, at just under $600 as well for those who are looking for high-quality and affordability.

A couple of reviewers do comment on some drawbacks which include

  • There are plenty of dead spots on the table, which does reduce fast-paced gaming action
  • The balls tend to get stuck in the corners frequently, which also reduces the speed of play for more advanced players
  • The instructions are fairly easy to follow and setting up the table is fairly quick (under 2 hours) if you have the right power tools in place

Overall, the Kick table is a great investment for families. There are a couple of drawbacks which do detract from overall quality; however, this is to be expected from a table at this price point. But, it does come with the lifetime warranty, so you are covered if you have several issues or need to replace any part of the table after you purchase it.

The Best Folding Foosball Tables

For customers who are looking for a space-saving design, the best folding foosball tables afford you just that. You can open up the table when you’re ready to play. And, if you have limited space in the garage or basement, just fold it up for storage when you’re not using the table. These are a couple of tables to consider when choosing the best foosball table which folds away for storage.

1-Goalie – Folding Foosball Tables

The Kick Monarch 48” Folding Foosball Table is not only affordably priced, but it is also an Amazon top-rated foosball table as well. For under $300, you’re getting excellent quality, backed by one of the most recognized names in the industry. The table is available in both black and brown finishes, so you can choose the color you prefer, which goes well with the decor in your game room as well.

Some great features which set this table apart from other folding designs include

  • The durable and elegant finishes and roller wheels help make the folding table extremely easy to store away when it’s not in use
  • It’s 48” L X 24” W, which is close to regulation play/size
  • The Kick table also comes with a lifetime warranty, as do other foosball tables from this manufacturer
  • There are 8 solid, 1/2-inch stainless-steel chrome-plated rods with ultra-comfortable grip handles
  • You receive 2 Kick foosballs, and 13 red/13 blue-uniformed players, are easy to distinguish the home and away teams and limit miscommunication during gameplay

There are a few issues which customers have indicated reduce the gameplay and enjoyment on Amazon; some of the cons include

  • The parts aren’t labeled making the set up of your new table time consuming and difficult
  • You have to unscrew/screw the table in several spots to fold it away for storage, which is time-consuming
  • There are several dead spots which are common with other Kick tables as well

Overall, the quality is great for the price point. You have the lifetime warranty backing your purchase as well. Although the set up is tedious and it requires several steps to fold the table away for storage, the overall quality and affordability, backed by the Kick name, make this a great investment if you’re searching for a folding foosball table.

3-Goalie – Folding Foosball Tables

The Kick Majesty 55” Folding Foosball Table is a top-rated foosball table on Amazon, for those who are looking for a 3-goalie setup. It is larger than the 48” Monarch table and does come in at a higher price point as well. For the price, you’ll receive this excellent quality finish and design which is available in both black and brown finishes for your basement or game room at home.

Some excellent selling points players will appreciate which make this one of the best foosball tables include

  • Easily distinguished red and blue (home/away) players
  • Comfortable grip handles with a wood-finish, which is sweat-proof to keep your hands dry as competition ramps up
  • The 55” L X 30” W design is similar to regulation-sized tables
  • It features four-foot levers which are adjustable, and two rolling wheels to help you store it away and fold when the table’s not in use
  • There’s a beaded goal-keeping/scoring tracker on either side of the table, so players know where they stand as the game gets more intense

This table also comes with the lifetime warranty which is common with all Kick-brand tables, so you’re covered if you aren’t happy with the quality or have any issues with your new foosball table. The full-sized foosball table is also heavier than its smaller, Monarch counterpart, so it’s sturdier and will withstand heavy gameplay and use. A couple of the drawbacks which customers have commented on Amazon include

  • It is time-consuming and requires the use of power tools to set up your new table
  • It’s not evenly weighted and does require removal of screws to fold the table away for storage

These were the two primary cons that customers noted. They did, however, indicate that the company is excellent (customer service) and replies to issues quickly, so you can resolve these problems if you need assistance with your new regulation-sized foosball table. Overall, the sturdy construction, design, and quality finishes make this a great buy, even with the minor issues customers indicated through their reviews on Amazon.

Best Foosball Table for Outdoor Settings

Do you plan on playing foosball tournaments outside? If so, the best outdoor foosball tables are not only weatherproof but are also going to guarantee smooth playing surfaces, regardless of what the outdoor weather extremes might bring. If you are looking for quality, for outdoor play, these are a couple of tables to consider.

1-Goalie For Outdoor Settings

The Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table is a great option if you’re looking for a 1-goalie design. This table is completely weatherproof, so it can easily withstand all of the elements you put it up against outside. A high-speed glass playing field won’t get muggy if it’s wet out or if it becomes humid as a turf surface might. The nylon bushings also allow for smooth, high-speed action, and limit the amount of wear and tear on the players, no matter how extreme the weather is outside.

Some excellent selling points these outdoor/indoor table features are

  • The high-quality laminate and resin finishes won’t chip, crack, or wear down in rain or extreme sunlight
  • A durable cabinet along with side and corner ramps ensures the ball always remains in the field of play
  • The high-stress resistant steel rods are telescopic, and they’re rust-resistant, guaranteeing the ultimate in weatherproofing and sturdiness
  • The players are unbreakable and molded onto the rods, so they won’t loosen nor will screws come undone after intense gameplay
  • You’ll receive a cover, five balls, leg levelers, and a glass, level playing surface; the table is also regulation-sized, so you can practice for competition or professional play with this weatherproof table

Apart from the higher price point, there are a couple of additional drawbacks that some customers have indicated regarding this indoor/outdoor foosball table. These issues include

  • The goalie doesn’t revolve a full 360-degrees to stop goals or defend.
  • There are a few dead spots here and there, but it doesn’t really detract from gameplay and live-action.

Overall, the table is well-built, features a solid glass construction, and is 100% weatherproof. It is costly, but you’d expect this from a table with these material finishes, and one which can be used in any conditions.

1- Goalie For Outdoor Settings – Runner up

The Garlando G-500 Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Foosball Table is a great option if you’re looking for solid construction, set up for live, fast-paced gaming action. The chromium-plated exterior isn’t going to rust or get damaged when you set it up outdoors. Molded rods and Marine plywood cabinets are extremely sturdy and can withstand all weather extremes you put this foosball table up against. Telescopic rods have the players permanently attached to them, meaning they won’t come apart, nor will screws start to come undone, as you are playing fast-paced games and professional tournament action on this weatherproof foosball table.

Some of the best design features you’ll appreciate when you invest in this 3-goalie foosball table includes

  • The exterior coating of all surfaces are 100% weather and waterproof and coated with washable materials for easy cleaning
  • Waterproof glue is used to ensure the players and table is well-sealed
  • The 4”, heavy-duty, nylon leg levers add stability, and ensure a smooth playing surface
  • All hardware features tropical, anti-rust treatment; it features a Marine plywood playing field and comes with a plastic laminate, heavy-duty cover, to protect the foosball table when not in use
  • It includes a heavy-duty vinyl liner as well

This table is solidly constructed and features all 100% weather and waterproof coatings throughout. It’s fully sealed so the players won’t get damaged, nor will any paint or surfaces begin to fade when you place the foosball table outside. Of the concerns players have indicated regarding the table’s quality are

  • A couple of customers indicate there were blemishes to the table upon ordering/arrival
  • It takes some time to put together (45 minutes to 1-hour with a couple of people setting it up)
  • The table is expensive, costing close to $1400 on Amazon

If you’re looking for a 3-goalie foosball table you can set up outdoors, this is a great option to consider. It is quite expensive, but the overall design, quality, and weatherproof playing surfaces, sides, and players make it a worthwhile investment if you plan on utilizing the foosball table regularly for tournaments or for enjoyment with family and friends.


Honestly, I have looked and currently, I haven’t found a great outdoor 3-man goalie table that I would recomend. But if you have one then, please let us know.

2020 Foosball Table Release

The Warrior Table Soccer Pro 2020 Table is one of the latest announced revised foosball tables to be announced for the upcoming year. The large 56” table is regulation size, making it one of the best foosball tables for those who are looking for high-end, high-quality materials, and competitive field play. It is 56”, features a black wood exterior finish, and players are wearing black and red jerseys, so you can easily distinguish who’s on your team. Integrated leg levelers also help enhance the playing surface, so there aren’t any deviations in the angle/direction of the field, as the competition ramps up in the basement, in a game or rec room, or at a local sports bar/pub, where the competition’s taking form.

Some of the primary design features you’ll appreciate with this 2020 Warrior Release include

  • The balanced foosball men with split bearings allow for faster, more accurate shots at goal
  • You have excellent ball control with the weighted players and ergonomic grip handles
  • An improved pro-style return ball system also helps enhance gameplay and speed of play after goals
  • Assembled men on rods make it easier to put the table together upon arrival
  • It’s recognized by USTSF and ISTF for professional, regulation-play; weighing in at 200 pounds, the table is solidly constructed

You’ll also receive two Warrior yellow, tournament soccer balls, which are easy to see in light and dark playing conditions.

There are some drawbacks worth noting, as is the case with previous tables we’ve reviewed. First off, players indicate that the ball return system isn’t as smooth/seamless as the manufacturer claims it to be. Another reviewer complains the table was missing parts, and that the plastic tubes for the ball return were too small for this table’s design.

Ultimately, this new 2020 model, does offer nice design, features, and a sturdy, high-end material base. With this being said, it isn’t the perfect foosball table either. For the price, it is a great buy for those who are more competitive and want a table that’s recognized by professional foosball associations.

What’s the Best Table for you?

As you can see, when shopping for the best foosball table, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of purchase. There are several factors you’ll have to consider before you choose which table is the best for your personal needs. A few of the primary aspects you should consider when choosing a new foosball table include

  • Overall quality/design and structural stability
  • Whether it’s regulation-sized or not (if you’re shopping for a commercial table, you’ll want a larger table)
  • What accessories do you receive (spare balls, bearings, finishes, etc.)
  • What kind of bearings, rods, and handles the table features
  • Whether it’s rated for indoor/outdoor use (if you plan on placing the table outside)

Obviously, you’re also going to consider the price, brand-name of the foosball table, and ratings (Amazon as well as other review sites) to help guide you in your purchase decision. So, what are the best foosball tables for you? These are our top-three picks.

Best Affordable Foosball Table on the Market

Our top-pick for affordability is the Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball table. It features nice light-up LED lighting, so you can play in light or dark conditions. The table’s construction and stability are sturdy, and both goal boxes light up, so you can easily find the goal when playing a fast-paced, intense competition. The 15.8 mm steel rods are durable, and the bearings are sturdy which guarantees your foosball table won’t crack under pressure. It isn’t a full-sized regulation table, but is close, at 47” L X27” W.

A couple of drawbacks do include the small boxes, inside of the larger outer box, which distracts from the overall playing surface. And, there are a few dead spots here and there, but this is to be expected with a foosball table priced at this entry-level cost. Overall, it’s solidly built, features easy to distinguish colors, a smooth playing surface, and the nice LED lighting adds a bit of excitement to games.

Best All-Around Table for Everyday Use and Indoor/Outdoor Use

If you’re looking for an excellent table you can use for indoor or outdoor use, commercial or residential play, and for competitive or entertainment, the Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table is our pick. The smooth, glass playing surface, is high-end, and won’t crack or get damaged easily. The table features weatherproof exteriors and rust-resistant finishes throughout. The high-speed surface doesn’t slow down if you’re playing in wet or muggy conditions. It does feature a 1-goalie set up, so it’s also going to rev up the competition and increase the speed of play for more competitive players as well.

The table is expensive, at over $1000, but high-end construction, finishes, and materials are well worth the price you’re paying. The table also features leg levelers, and you receive 5 playing balls, so you’ll never run out or have to look for a spare if the games get highly competitive. The table is regulation-sized as well, so you can set it up in a commercial establishment, or use it for competitive action as well.

The Best Overall Quality/Construction

If you’re looking for the latest, best table available, the Warrior Table Soccer Pro 2020 Table is it. This table is ready for 2020, and features nice improvements to the previous model. The 56-inch regulation-sized table, features integrated leg levelers, and split bearing design, helps increase the accuracy of shots at goal. The ergonomic grip handles give players full control during fast-paced gaming, and the table weighs in at about 200 pounds, so it’s sturdy and structurally sound, for both recreational (residential) and for commercial use.

It’s also USTSF and ISTF rated, so you know you’re getting the best design, construction, and quality. You receive yellow tournament balls as well. The table is affordably priced at around $700 on Amazon, so this is a great price for the newest model available. If you’re looking for precision, quality, and professional design, you’ll get it with this Warrior regulation-sized foosball table.

Ready to play?

These are a few of the best options available today if you’re looking to invest in a new foosball table. As you can see, we’ve highlighted great options for families with kids, affordable tables, as well as regulation-sized, and high-end models, at prices of $1200 and higher. We have compared 1 and 3-goalie designs and discussed the best features of each table, as well as a few drawbacks which customers have indicated.

No matter what you’re looking for when the time comes to invest in a new foosball table, you obviously want the best quality, construction, and enjoyability, for the price/budget you can afford when you’re ready to buy your new table. Consider these top-rated foosball tables when you’re shopping for the best. Whether it’s for commercial or for residential use, these are our top picks for the best foosball tables, as 2020 approaches.

Don’t limit your style of play, competitive nature, or the features you’re looking for when shopping for a new foosball table. The options and availability are endless. Get ready for fast-paced, intense action, with any of these great foosball tables!

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