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Welcome to FoosballTips

My goal of this site is to help you with all things foosball-related.

I want to make this site the best resource of information on foosball for both beginners and advanced players.


I want to help you get better at playing/practicing foosball. That also includes getting the right equipment for your level of play.

I am not a professional player nor do I intend on becoming one. With FoosballTips, I aim to help and inspire you to be the best you can and still enjoy playing foosball.

This also means that if you have any questions or articles you want me to make send them to mere here on our contact form.

About Mark Frøding

Well, who am I?

My name is Mark. I love playing foosball (Table Soccer) with my friends.

One of the first things I got when I moved from my parents was a Foosball Table (Garlando G-2000). It was a bachelor pad with 3 of my good friends, parties and

That being over 15 years ago, I have played my share of foosball, and I still love the game. So much that I have even given one as a birthday present to my at the time 7-year-old son.

So why am I making this site about foosball? Well… being that I am a school teacher by profession I enjoy sharing knowledge. Also, I like computers and a good challenge so I set myself the goal to make this website the best place for information and resources on Foosball. Expanding on all things foosball related.

That is why on this site I will be covering everything from the absolute basics of foosball to the advanced and even professional side of the game.

I will be making buyers guides for both hobby players, pro players and the bar owner that just want a table for his guests to enjoy.

Enjoy Life Play Foosball!


Being a creative person that also loves cooking I also run 2 other blogs, and (With my wife Christina)

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