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There are many companies throughout the world that manufacture Foosball tables, but Warrior is a competitive brand on the market leaving a lasting footprint in the Foosball community.

What sets Warrior apart from other Foosball companies? What are its roots in the Foosball community? We will examine those questions along with their tables and more.

Warrior Table Soccer is a sister company of Warrior Custom Golf. Warrior Customer Golf was founded by Foosball enthusiast and player, Brendan Flaherty, in Irvine, CA. He created that company in response to an experience he had while trying to purchase golf clubs. He had the mentality of, “If you can do it better, you should.” With the success of that company, he took his love for the sport of Foosball and created a secondary company: Warrior Table Soccer. It is the United State’s number one table soccer manufacturer. With the creation of this company, Brendan was driven to not only provide people with quality tables but revolutionize the table soccer world.

Win a Free Warrior Foosball Table

Signature Foosball Table

This table was created personally by Warrior’s founder, Brendan Flaherty. Once again, he kept it player friendly regardless of skill level, The key to this table is its astonishing ball control, which is essential to great gameplay.

There are multiple videos on their website ( that really showcase the impressive ball control. Their Foosball men are designed with perfect counterbalance and feet that grip from all sides. The ball can bounce from player to player, perfectly streamlined. The dimensions of this table are as follows: “56”L x 30″W x 36″H (This includes the levelers attached to the feet). It weighs in at 200 pounds for durability promising to last. The interior of the table is white interior walls, green PVC laminate playfield, along with their logo. The table runs at around $599 with a $129 shipping and handling fee (only to be shipped within the US). This is an unbeatable price for the quality.
Along with their signature table, Warrior offers a wide variety of other things for sale. There is a little something for everyone from balls, to merchandise, to custom tables, it would be hard-pressed to not find something appealing. The following is a taste of what they have to offer.

What sets Warrior Table Soccer apart from other Foosball companies?

Safety First.

One of the main concerns table soccer players consider when looking for Foosball tables is the safety of the rods. The rods can pose injury during intense gameplay to other players across the table. A rod to the stomach is not a pleasant thing to endure, so with that mind, Warrior approached this safety concern. Other Foosball table companies have addressed this in different manners, but Warrior was the first to create a ‘rod-guard’ to soften the blow of the rod during gameplay. The rods feature a plastic covering with a rubberized end to absorb shock when it hits an object. This sets the company apart from others because they are the ones who came up with this technology. All their tables come equipped with this feature.

Assembled Players on the Rods

To make the building of their tables even easier, they also put the table soccer men on the rods for the customer. This is extremely helpful because that can be tedious to place them on the rods. The customer can really focus on putting the cabinet together, which is the bulk of the work, and not be bothered with smaller tasks.

Adjustable Levelers attached to the Table Feet

An important part of setting up a Foosball table is to ensure it is on a level surface. However, not every home or office has optimal surfaces for this to be achieved. Once again, Warrior’s focus on the everyday customer shines through, with the addition of adjustable levelers. Each foot has these levelers installed on them so that practically any surface can be a play space. That is Warrior really thinking on its feet!

Recognized by Top Organizations

Warrior tables are recognized by a few organizations as being top of the line. They are the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation), USTSF (United States Table Soccer Federation), and the Professional Foosball Tour. Their tables make appearances all these competitions and are well respected by the pro players.

Customers, Support is Always in mind

The above reasons are heavily catering to the customers, no matter the skill levels, and that is key to being successful. Warrior has taken its knowledge from the pro that is the founder (Brendan Flaherty) to the pros that have associated with the company and applied it very much to their advantage. In addition to that knowledge, it is very evident that they have examined the world of Foosball through every potential customer’s eyes and created products for everyone. This is highly admirable. This mindset has not only made quality, pro-functioning tables accessible to a wider customer base, but Brendan has ensured the price has stayed affordable in the process.

With all the great features of the tables, what more could it possibly offer? Warrior Table Soccer has created a pro-experience for all its customers by offering top of the line soccer men in all its tables. What does it mean to be a top of the line soccer player in a good table? Simply put, they are counterbalanced. This means they are weighted in the head and foot to provide a stable, fluid game play. This is especially important for people wanting to perfect their game. The counterbalanced players make skilled shots easier to achieve through practice. Other companies do not always offer this feature and only provide weights in the feet. To give the customer that full quality experience, Warrior gives them the very best in everything.
What is Warrior’s most popular table?

Delivered directly to Your Doorstep!

Warrior has its customers in mind, all the time. They not only promise delivery to your doorstep (either an office or home address), but they have designed their tables to be efficient for the everyday player to put together. One of the biggest issues with ordering something online for a customer is whether or not the ease of building it is too much of a hassle. Warrior strongly took this into consideration and designed their tables to be easy to assemble with only one tool. Their website, claims it can be done in under 25 minutes. That is an attractive time frame for novice builders or expert builders, kids to adults, anyone can put it together!

Foosball Balls

Not only has Warrior revitalized the Foosball community with its table features, but they went a step further to create a type of ball specific to their brand. They created a ball made with Urethane compound that delivers speed and accuracy. Another special feature to their ball creation is that the way they make the balls ensure consistent, high-quality balls. This is done through a process called “center grinding”. Traditionally, balls are created through a tumbling process that does not always provide perfectly shaped balls. The balls range from $9.95 to $14.95 for sets of four, depending on what look is desired.

Foosball Wraps

Foosball wraps are designed to customize the handle of a rod to help enhance its play. It adds grip to the handles as well as keeps sweat under control by staying dry even in the most intense of games. They come in many colors and are easy to use the rod handles. They are priced at $6.95 for 4, $12.95 for 8, or $69.95 for 60 (per Warrior Table Soccer’s website store).

Customization of Warrior Tables

Warrior makes customizing a table a very rewarding experience for their customers by offering a wide range of options to perfect a table to the desired look. They offer the following options:

– LED Warrior Foosball Table:

Their special party table with LED lighting around the playfield. known as the Force 8, is an eight men table with sleek, modern design in mind. Perfect for businesses looking to attract customers or an exciting feature in the customers home. It comes in two pieces for easy assembly.

The LED Warrior Foosball Table also comes in the normal table size. At a more comfortable price level and size.

– Black Light:
These tables are built like their others, pro-minded play. but offer up a party of the century with florescent men and balls so that it included black light really creates quite the environment. The bright colors are attractive and the gameplay will be even more exciting. The table runs for $1200 (intro price of $799) but the neat thing about this option is that an existing Warrior table owner can upgrade their table for only $299.

– Beer Pong Table
Create a beer pong experience with this table that goes from Foosball to beer pong in a snap! Comes with panels to create the pong surface right on top of the Foosball table. It banks in at $799.
They also offer replacement parts and Warrior merchandise. Warrior has the total customer package with its products and history in the Foosball world. With their high customer focus and the dedication to all things Foosball, including their innovative initiatives, they will last against their competitors for years to come.

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