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Garlando’s story began when Renato Garlando began manufacturing foosball tables in his little-known workshop. It turned out to be an instant hit with thousands of units in sales, which have kept growing consistently to the present day. Garlando was established in 1954 and has over 65 years of experience in the foosball manufacturing industry. Currently boasting of a significant presence in over 44 countries, Garlando’s HQ is in Pozolo Formigaro.

The company was involved in the production of air hockey tables, table tennis tables, pool tables, and foosball tables. It has strived to achieve an important presence in outdoor games and sports. Swings, soccer goals, basket boards, and trampolines are some products it offers along with its traditional products.

Garlando owns or has partnerships with multinational brands like Stiga, Kettler, Equinox, and Unicorn, spread across various product lines, which give it an impressive reputation in the industry. Since foosball is a game with several styles, varying across continents, countries or even within cities, Garlando manufactures enough models so that it has a little something for everyone.

Early History

Renato Garlando decided to take advantage of his football’s growing popularity and decided to manufacture football tables at his workshop. Convicts from the nearby local prison were recruited for making these football tables. Its rousing success prompted Garlando to produce more and expand his business.

Garlando started producing air hockey tables, table tennis tables, and pool tables, all of which were in high demand. It eventually became a proper factory with the latest tech in manufacturing and thus spread its wings across the world.

While Garlando was restricted to the operators’ field for the most part till the 80s, its foosball tables became a sensation across US public gathering places. These tables are still available at a few locations, where they lend an evergreen and vintage touch to the décor. 

The 90s saw turnover take off again as the company added Eastern Europe and North African markets to its expansion list. These new markets came with their requirements, prompting the creation of tables, adapted to the locals’ requirements.

In 2002, Garlando decided to shift from Spinetta Marengo, where it has always been since inception and moved to Pozzolo Formigaro, where a 10,000 sq. m headquarters became the company’s new home.

Tournaments Played on Garlando Tables

Garlando’s foosball tables are widely known for their impeccable quality. They have been used even for professional-grade competitions thus lending credence to the quality of their brand.

The company’s tournaments were incorporated into the Internal Table Soccer Federation’s list of tournaments. The following tournaments are played exclusively on Garlando’s very own tables: International Polish Tournament 

  • Garlando European Open
  • World Championship Garlando
  • Garlando Weltmeisterschaft

All these tournaments have been set up by local or international associations, which have partnered up with Garlando for their foosball table needs. This is due to their superior foosball table making skills, and overall quality of the product.

Brands Owned by Garlando

Apart from manufacturing pool tables and foosball tables, Garlando has ever since then expanded its line of products to include fitness items, games, and sports. Each of these sectors is being managed under their specific brand.

Toorx, Everfit, Nextreme, and Equinox are among Garlando’s owned brands.

Apart from this, Garlando also distributes the products of its companies like Nautilus, Bowflex Max Trainer, Schwinn, Kettler, TIGA and NATGEO, Hapro, and Unicorn. This way, Garlando turns into a one-stop solution for all table games requirements. 

Product Description

Garlando’s Foosball Tables have Features like:

  • Highly durable and relatively low maintenance
  • Presence of safety measures like telescopic rods
  • Multiple models catering to amateurs and professionals as well.
  • MDF field which comes with melamine coating. This allows for an authentic grass effect.
  • Use of chromium plating and nylon bushing which allow antirust abilities and efficiently managed wear and tear.
  • Specifically designed foosball tables for children

Garlando’s wide variety of foosball table offerings has made it a preferred choice for players from all backgrounds. 

Product Specifications

Complete knowledge of a product’s features, its pros and cons are necessary to make an informed decision about purchasing one. Check out the following specifications to find a product that fulfills your needs the best. 

Garlando F-1 Table Foosball – Telescopic Bar 

Best for kids.
If you are looking for a small table for the kid’s room the F-1 table is a good beginner table for kids.

But it is important to say that this table isn’t to be compared with more expensive tables this is a table that is made for kids.


  • MDF cabinet contains melamine coating.
  • Thickness is at a decent 15 mm.
  • 7.5 x 7.5 cm MDF legs that offer stability during an intense game
  • Grass effect on the battlefield allowing for a realistic depiction of an actual football field
  • 360-degree rotation capable goalkeeper 
  • Ability to customize player formation as per user preference.
  • Diameter tube bars at 13 mm with a thickness of 1 mm. 
  • Compliance with applicable European standards.
  • Dimensions at 121 cm x 61 cm x80 cm.
  • Price is at an affordable approx. USD 150.

Garlando World Champion – Coin Operated Indoor Table

This table is a high-quality table that is made to be used in public.

  • This champion is equipped with cutting-edge features and is aimed at pure professionals. Those looking for an impeccable foosball experience without compromising on any specifications can choose this product. Its most attractive features are listed below:
  • Reinforcements by metallic bars, of the MDF playfield board, allowing enhanced stress resistance, stability, and a compact structure.
  • Metal bracket activation helps in preventing any falls when the cabinet is opened for any adjustments within.
  • High-Density Polymer is used, which has been reinforced with powerful fiberglass. Any irregular trajectories of the ball can be avoided by its molded innovating profile. 
  • An authentic, almost-football experience is rendered by the usage of green background which also has white lines. This resembles an actual football ground.
  • Non-reflective tempered sanded glass is used to ensure a quality playing field. 
  • The total price of the product comes to around $2600.

Consider this product if you’re an ardent fan of the game and require high-quality foosball tables. It won’t let you down in the least. Made out of top-notch quality and designed for passionate foosball players, this table is for champions!

Garlando Open Air Weatherproof Folding Game Table

Slightly on the more affordable side, this table is meant for those who want to carry their foosball tables around for parties and social events and game with their friends. It has been designed keeping in mind unfavorable weather conditions that may occur at any time. Meant for intermediate players, it has the following features:

  • Weatherproof cabinet with a thickness of 3-4”, that has been constructed with innovative plastic compound materials. 
  • Fiberglass has been used to reinforce the product, which has allowed exceptional sturdiness, a much-needed factor for outdoor use.
  • Players are made of moplen that have been molded onto the bars, ensuring they don’t fly off. 
  • 10 standard foosball balls are provided with the package that is of impeccable quality.
  • Helpful in reducing the stress suffered by players’ wrists steel-roller bearings are a tremendous help when it comes to improving game speed.
  • Leg handles can easily be folded, thus allowing instant mobility. Table stability is also enhanced along with a feeling of lightweight due to flawless leg panel fretwork.
  • Telescopic bars have 2-3” diameter and contain a triple layer chromium plating for better anti-rust abilities. 
  • The product weighs around 180 pounds, with dimensions at 60x40x18 in.
  • Costing around $1100-1300, it is an affordable choice.
  • High Rated on Amazon, this foosball is perfect for those looking to experience the best of both premium and budget worlds. 

Garlando F-100 Foosball Table

A midrange table with professional-grade quality and affordable pricing, check out the following features of the F-100:

  • 360-degree goalkeeper available, which aids better scoring.
  • Application of melamine that protects wooden legs and cabinet from scratches and scrapes. 
  • Cherrywood coating which enhances the decor of any room instantly.
  • Compliance with European foosball table standards.
  • Abacus scorer for tracking the score of the players
  • 1-inch thick cabinet. 
  • Dimensions at 57”x29”x34-1/4″. The battlefield clocks in at 40″ x 23″.
  • Installation time of fewer than 3 hours, even for an inexperienced novice. 
  • It comes at an affordable price at approx. $1000.
  • For those looking for a foosball table that effortlessly blends in with their setting and provides fast-paced action, this makes for an ideal choice.

Garlando – Assembly Instructions 

If you’re good with assembling IKEA products, you shouldn’t have a problem here either. It is quite simple and easy, with the attached manual being more than enough to help you out with the installation. 

Begin by attaching the legs to the pre-constructed cabinet. Fit the ball shoots using smaller screws, after which proceed with the rods. 

Ensure bearings and players are installed the right way as well. Clear out any dust from the holes on the table. Fitting the handles properly can require effort. 

Prefer fixing it up manually at first and hammer the pieces in when you no longer can. 

The installation and assembly take about an hour and a half to finish. If you’re stuck at any point, take help from the many online manuals and resources that can fix your problem in a jiffy! 

Pros and Cons of Garlando Tables 

Like every coin, Garlando products have various pros and cons as well. Let’s examine this list in detail:


  • As mentioned earlier, there’s something for every kind of foosball player. Regardless of your skills, Garlando has the best products at competitive prices. You can begin with a cheap, high-quality product to train your skills and then move on to the big leagues. 
  • Puppets used in the foosball tables are of very high quality and can withstand any level of force. Described as virtually indestructible, be assured that your player won’t be flying off the rods anytime soon.
  • Weatherproofing mechanisms also the tables to be used indoors or outdoors without any issue. The design and materials used, protect it against the sun, excess heat and water spillages, making for an ideal foosball table
  • The battlefield has a laminated covering, with the top having a smooth and soft design. This feature makes it extremely kid-friendly.
  • A high degree of stability allows its usage even on the most rugged surfaces. You can be assured of a quality game, without having to worry about sudden jerks or movements that provide an unfair advantage to either player.
  • Usage of an abacus-based scorecard makes it easy for both parties to keep track of their scores, thus simplifying this to a great extent. 


  • Garlando products come with telescopic rods that are notoriously difficult for cleaning. They also need maintenance regularly and are likely to ramp up friction during the game. This can affect a fast and smooth gaming experience. But this is a necessary measure since it allows better safety.
  • If you break a Garlando product in any way, it can be quite expensive on your wallet. You have to be on guard not to be too rough with it. However, a sturdy build ensures that the product withstands most of what you can throw at it.
  • Leveling can be quite difficult due to the lack of adjustable feet in the table. However, it is to be noted that only a few products have this disability. The rest of them contain some of the best leg leveling mechanisms on the market.
  • Do you have a sweating issue? Well, the use of plastic grips can compound your problems as they tend to get more slippery when handled with sweaty palms. However, you can avoid this issue by using a cloth or getting a new grip that helps against this problem. 

Garlando Parts and Accessories

You’ll never have to hunt much for foosball parts and accessories if you’ve chosen Garlando. Almost all foosball tables from Garlando use similar specifications and therefore, all its parts can be found at one place or another. 

Handle Grips: You may find these useful if you’re one for extended foosball sessions with your friends. Those with perspiration issues or in pain due to an incompatible handle grip can find benefits by using a quality handle grip. This will allow you to ramp up your game skills and increase your foosball gaming speed. 

Score Counters: There are many score counters in varying colors. Swapping one out for another is easy. It’s also a fun and quick way of keeping track of goals via simple abacus. Since Garlando tables are similarly designed, you shouldn’t find any compatibility issues with your new score counters. Slide the pieces on the counter to denote goals.


All said and done, Garlando is an excellent brand to purchase your foosball products from for the ultimate foosball experience. Equipped with high-quality materials, these can also be surprisingly light on your wallet, making them extremely value for money.

Availability of multiple tables, ranging from amateur use to pure professionals, and a wide variety of accessories make this a widely loved product company. Garlando products are also highly efficient and long-lasting, so you can have fun with your buddies for a long time. If you’re out in the market, looking for high-quality, reliable foosball tables, check out the Garlando line to find a table that you’ll love. 

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