LEONHART – The Foosball Brand

Throughout the world, there are many Foosball manufacturers competing to be the best. The Leonhart (Official Leonhart) brand is no exception.

Where did it all begin for Leonhart? What makes them stand out from above the crowd? Get the answers here, along with other products they offer.

History of Leonhart Foosball Company

Xaver Leonhart, a German Foosball enthusiast, started up his company in 1949 in Pilsting, Bavaria. From the very start, they have been a family run business with a passion for creating a pro experience for at-home players, as well as making tables for pro-level play. Their dedication runs deep with extreme attention to detail and offering extremely custom made products for their customers.

Xaver is credited as inventing what the German culture describes as the “pocket-cell lock” which is tied in with the coin mechanisms in their tables. Throughout Germany, the tables located in homes and public places that are of the Leonhart brand will have this specific coin slot. Xaver was known as innovated and open to new developments surrounding the Foosball Company. After the company was passed down in the family after his passing in 2002, the family traditional not only carried on but so did the company’s passion for adaption to meet the needs and desires of Foosball players.

What the Leonhart Brand really brings to the Foosball Table

The Leonhart brand has been devoted to fresh ideas within the Foosball Community from the very start. In more recent years, that means developing technologies that cater to the concept of “e-kickers”, or online, heavily tech supported Foosball tables. To really dive into this newer field of Foosball tables, the “Smart Foosball” team was created from individuals attending Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen – Nuremberg. They were offered the use of innovation labs at the Center for Digitization in Bavaria. They were tasked at creating a Foosball table with technology that generations in today’s society crave.

Leonhart gave the students the shell in which to work with; a pre-made table featuring a Plexiglas surface and viewing windows on either side that encased the table. This foundation really opened up the floodgates for the students and something great was born from it.

Together, the students brainstormed and implemented ideas that would really evolve the “e-kicker” table as anyone knew it. The table was introduced to many digital elements, those of which included lighting at either gate for distinction above the rest as well as atmosphere building aspects like sound profiles. But that is not the real icing on the cake concerning their innovations. The most impressive of the digital elements introduced to the table was the camera that tracked the ball. Why is this important and impressive? Because this technology provides the ability to record game highlights to share and to calculate game statistics. This is particularly important to pro-players and competitive home players as they can really get engaging statistics about their gameplay.

With the development in their e-kicker tables, it can easily be said that Leonhart is quite the leader in today’s tech demanding world.

Their astonishing Foosball Tables

While the tech-friendly e-kicker is highly attractive, Leonhart offers up a full plate of options for every Foosball player, pro to beginner. They exceed at providing an experience above the rest, as well as, always putting their customers first.

They have two distinct lines of tables to offer their customer base. Their pro-like tables come in traditional looks with sturdy legs and playfields that are colorful. But their other line of tables is their Yacht-line tables. These are built with attention to detail strictly in mind. They are sleek and modern looking with wooden cabinets and legs, carved into the perfect table for any home or work space. This also shows their adaptability to staying modern, but true to the game of Foosball. Even with the modern looks, their tables always bring high-quality play.

One of the many ways they keep Leonhart customers happy is their custom tailored tables and balls. They will happily create custom tables with company logos and matching balls to truly make customers a table they can call their own.

Another feature they offer with their tables is their anti-ball theft system. It prevents the ball from being accessible from under the playfield area. This is especially important for tables located within bars or other public locations. It keeps the table cohesive and the fun always available.

The customization available to customers does not just end there. When ordering any of their tables, they stand out from their competitors by offering many options to choose from with any table someone is looking to purchase. This includes the option for child protective rods. Alongside that, they offer the choice for pre-assembled Foosball men and rods. This is an important option because it caters to those who would rather have an easier assembly process and also to those who want to really be involved with the assembly of their tables.

From pro tables to at home tables, they have got it all. They also have followed suit with other Foosball manufacturers in creating a handicap accessible table. This is a very popular addition to a product line, as it ensures no Foosball lover is left in the dark.

Other Products and Services

As with most other Foosball manufacturers, Leonhart also makes pool tables. What sets them apart in the market though is the design of these pool tables. Their tables come with very modern looks to the construction of the table as well as color options for the table tops. Their pool tables go beyond the basic leg look and have sleek designs very appealing to the common eye. Once again, their dedication to the customer is above and beyond, even for their billiard loving individuals.

Besides Foosball tables and pool tables, they also offer spare parts (like handles and grip supports for example) and balls. They sell four specific ball types, plastic, cork, branding, and ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) approved. Their branding balls are able to be printed with any brand logo to complete a table look or make a company stand out. Their ITSF balls are suitable for competition in ITSF or DTFB (German Table Football Association). With its textured surface, it is perfect for gripping action required for pro play moves.

Leonhart offers their German community a very special service. Businesses or people hosting parties, events, etc. can rent a Leonhart Foosball table. This service provides high-quality Foosball play to liven up any event and can also be made completely custom by the addition of lighting.

To further their commitment to community, Leonhart also offers multiple Foosball classes. These range from personal training for groups of 4 to 6, business training, and a “Masterclass” division. These courses are provided to help perfect existing players’ techniques, introduce the game to beginners and build strong work relationships through Foosball. Some courses are even taught by German Foosball Champion, Semin Mensah, so the customer is getting pro-quality learning.

The Leonhart website also has a special feature called the “Leo-Generator”. This will generate different designs and looks available for custom tables. This feature is especially helpful for a customer who wants a table custom made but is indecisive about the exact look they wish to achieve.

What Sets the Gold Standard Games Shelti Foosball Table Brand Apart from LEONHART?

When searching for a shelti foosball table brand review, it’s important to compare different options. One notable brand to consider is Gold Standard Games. What sets it apart from LEONHART is its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Gold Standard Games emphasizes durability, superior gameplay experience, and innovative features that make their foosball tables stand out.

Leonhart’s Dedication to the Foosball Player

While examining this profound Foosball company, it seems their dedication to the Foosball world is endless. On top of the tables and services it offers, Leonhart shows its support of Foosball players through something they call “German Ranking Powered by Leonhart”. This is a funding program created to support pro players with a strong love for the game and children aspiring to learn the sport. They help with travel expenses through these grants, really pushing players to give competitions their all. Being such a sponsor has really set Leonhart apart in the Foosball community.

Along with their ranking support, they offer fun contests for players as well. This not only shows their connection to the tech world surrounding Foosball now but also to players who really enjoy the sport. The contest is to win a session with Semin Mensah by uploading gameplay to the contest page. This encourages players to really show their skills and gain the ability to win one-on-one time with someone they can learn some more about their hobby. It also encourages players to push themselves to try new moves.

Throughout Germany, there are many associations that Leonhart participates with to bring their Foosball tables and experience to Foosball enthusiasts. These societies as Leonhart coins them, are located in over 10 communities.

The Leonhart name will continually be a Foosball staple with it’s a true dedication to its customers and the game of Foosball. Through their family-run business model to their high desire to stay above on the tech front, they will provide an experience of a lifetime! It can easily be argued that no other company quite compares to the tech-driven heart of Leonhart.