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There are countless companies in the market of manufacturing Foosball tables and accessories. However, the Roberto Sport brand is uniquely dedicated to the niche market.

What is the history of Roberto Sport and what makes them so special? We dive into those questions along with their products!

History of Roberto Sport

Roberto Sport was founded in 1947 by brothers Amido and Luigi Roberto in Turin, Italy. From the very start, it has been a family-run business with a passion for the sport of Foosball. Their strong business model consisted of precise quality control. To obtain such quality control, they ensured that their products were 100% Italian made, coining their term “Made in Italy.” They were driven to consistently deliver that promise by using local materials. Local materials gave them the upper hand because it was keeping their Italian identity flowing into their products and ensuring they were completely familiar with what was being used to create their famous products.

The company was later obtained by the Borettazz family who kept the tradition of being Italian made and family run. In 1987, they moved the production to Lessolo. Their attention to detail in every table makes it specific to Italy as well because not all tables are the same. Each culture has a slightly different type of table to suit the needs of their players in mind. Italian Foosball players like a fast-paced game with precision and their tables are built to accommodate that. So not only does Roberto Sport keep the quality Italian made, but it is also Italian tailored to keep their customers satisfied.

Italian Table Construction – The Roberto Sport way

Roberto Sport takes their pride in constructing their tables to fit the needs of home players and their ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) league’s tables. Each table is crafted with extreme attention to detail. It all starts with the plywood. They do not just use plywood. They also use what is called MDF material. MDF material is medium density fiberboard that is, as implied, denser in quality than regular plywood. It is placed over the plywood. This ensures a solid construction. Then, they use high-quality laminate panels. These panels are made directly by them, keeping true to their identity of Italian made, and can be customized for clients to be even more unique.

They proudly can make tables ready to ship in an hour. They have achieved this by partnering with Beisse Technologies to help make some of the process more efficient. It helps the workers perfect the craft even more.

Roberto Sport Products

Roberto Sport offers up 30+ models and popularly make over 13,000 tables a year. They have a range of tables from Free Play models that are perfect for at home play with family and friends, to coin-operated tables for business and company play. They also offer competition tables built specifically for the ITSF, the FPICB (an Italian Foosball federation company) and LICB (another Italian Foosball federation). They tailor these tables for each competition for their pro players. They also offer what they call “Roby” tables which are made for kids. These mini models are perfect for starting a child out in the game of Foosball. They feature telescopic rods (meaning they do not come fully out of the table, as a safety measure).

They also have what is called “special evolution” tables which are built for special needs players. This is becoming a very popular option for Foosball manufacturers to construct, as the game of Foosball knows no limits. The tables are built much lower, with legs designed in a spider-like shape to give the strong-hold structure they need while still be handicap accessible.

Mostly all their tables are brightly colored and come with brightly colored Foosball players. The children’s Roby models are not the only one to use the telescopic rods. All their tables feature this and highly appealing to players. These rods offer quality play along with the safety of not getting poked from the other side of the table.

Another nice feature of most of their products is that they feature an anodized aluminum top which provides protection from moisture.

One of their most popular tables, the Top Speed, is formulated for all three categories of play (free play, coin-op, and competition) and provides competition like play for all players. It is built to be handle demanding and intense Foosball play, with extra weights in the legs to ensure stability, along with being constructed outside of the table rather than just under them.

With so many table options, what would one of these tables cost?

On the site, the price range of Roberto tables is from $550 to $700 depending on the particular style the customer desires. Special evolution tables can run around $900 from various sellers.

Their competition style tables, such as the Adrenaline line, will have a bit higher of a price tag, banking in at around $1100. Serious players wishing for pro play at home will find this particular table most attractive.

Tam Tam tables were traditionally played oratories (small chapels or private places of worship) and Roberto Sport brought them back onto the market. They are constructed with solid beech-wood legs, a playingfield of laminated plastic and resilient plastic rackets.

Spare Parts

Roberto Sport knows hard play comes with its consequences and offers up a variety of spare parts, especially for their products. While most companies will offer the basics, i.e. Foosball players and rods, Roberto Sport leaves no spare part out. From replacement glass to bushings (both universal and octagonal versions), to legs and feet, the list is practically endless. The dedication to the customer is outstanding in offering up anything and everything they would need to replace to get their tables play ready again,

The Italian Promise

To revert back to their business model, Roberto Sport offers up their Italian made products with locally owned materials through many channels. They not only serve the Italian market but sell their high-quality tables internationally through many distributors. Their distribution list is hefty (this ensures their product is being represented throughout the large Foosball and tabletop gaming community) with 20+ countries ranging from Australia to Singapore to Holland to Romania, their name is widely known. Not only do their products reach international levels, but internally, there are more than ten cities in Italy distributing the Roberto Sport name and its Italian heritage. This helps deliver the Italian promise to its own citizens, making them proud to be playing on a Roberto Sport table.

Roberto Sport – A Company of High Quality

It is not hard to see why choosing Robert Sport products is an attractive appeal to tabletop gamers and Foosball enthusiasts alike. Between the quality offered up in the construction to the various options for endless family or competitive play, Robert Sport has it all. The thing that stands out the best for them is their dedication to the customers and their country by starting the process of exceptional gameplay right from the very start, since 1947.

What Sets American Heritage Foosball Tables Apart from Roberto Sport?

When it comes to choosing a foosball table, foosball brand heritage in America is a major factor. American Heritage tables are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and sturdy construction. On the other hand, Roberto Sport tables are popular for their sleek design and innovative features. Both brands offer unique qualities that appeal to different preferences.

Other Products from Roberto Sport

Robert Sport has a love for all things tabletop and Foosball is not the only thing they offer. They also offer ping pong tables, pool tables, air hockey tables, hockey flash tables ( with scoreboard and lights), and Tam Tam tables. Their wide variety of gaming options makes them a versatile competitor in the world of tabletop sports.

Their ping pong tables come in four choices, a Tecto and a Sport One. Their indoor models easily fold up for storage that can’t compare. Their weight is manageable as well. It is designed for family play and beginners. Their outdoor play tables are the same as the indoor except obviously they are weatherproof, perfect for home decks. The main difference between the Tecto and Sport One versions is that Tecto is the basic table tennis design. The Sport One tables feature safety measures, with eight locking points and contain convenient release buttons. The Sport One tables also feature screw feet, which allows the height to be adjusted as needed.

Robert Sport’s pool tables come in two varieties, top pool and first pool. Top pool is coin-op perfect for bars or business. They have wool cloth to ensure smooth rolling of balls and are built sturdy like all other Roberto Sport products. Their first pool type tables are designed for home play, without the coin mechanism. They have stout legs with perfect stability. They have special laminate that is scratch resistant and are fun for the whole family.

Their hockey tables come in two choices, traditional air hockey and hockey flash (with scoreboard and lights). Their traditional air hockey tables are called “Hockey Dino” and can be used either at home or in business due to their reliable construction. With rubberized sides, the chances of the puck flying out of the table is extremely limited. The hockey flash tables are high-action fun with sound effects, lights, and graphics along the side. The big seller with this model is the scoreboard. Easily keeps track of the games played and score of each side.

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