Rene Pierre – The Foosball Brand

Foosball is an ample community with manufacturers worldwide. Every company has really set its bar a little higher than its competitors. The Rene Pierre brand has raised its bar for itself and its competitors.

Where did the company start? What makes them more unique than other Foosball manufacturers? These questions shall be answered as well as examining their other products and services.

A Beginning in Foosball Manufacturing

Rene Pierre’s passion for building Foosball tables began in 1952 in a garage in Ranchot, France. He started small and grew himself into a leader in the industry. From a garage to an old clog factory he was given, he kept growing his business into what it is today. In 1953, he was able to purchase land to build a factory that still stands today, though it is now mostly used for wood cutting and storage. He built new locations in Chalon-sur-Saone to accommodate his booming business. This location is considered the headquarters of the company. They offer tours to the public Monday through Saturday, by appointment only.

Rene Pierre’s initial vision for his company surrounded the professional world of Foosball. His products were targeted at those who wanted to play professionally. This required him to keep high attention to detail to provide that exceptional gameplay to be achievable on his tables. But in an attempt to expand his client base, he made a beneficial decision to market his tables to the public as well. This lead to the opening of his first retail store in Paris, in 1977. The Paris location has two floors to explore. From there, the rest is history! Business boomed and he was able to expand throughout France.

Their other locations include:

  • Boredeaux: a variety of choices and close to the airport.
  • Lyon: a factory outlet accessible from a car garage and park area.

France is booming with the Ron Pierre name, but there are international distributors as well. Their distributors include Switzerland, Belgium, England, the US, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany.

Uniqueness in the Foosball World

The Rene Pierre brand’s uniqueness to the Foosball world is one in 100% French craft. Their pride in how they construct their tables leaves them feeling unprecedented by competitors. Combining mechanics and carpenters and cabinetmakers, there are all around, cohesive pieces being produced. They also keep being committed to making consistent quality work in every table that they make.

Rene Pierre also ups the quality promise on his products by providing some key elements to his tables. These include the use of telescopic bars (bars that are designed as a safety feature to ensure the bar is not poking out from the other side of the table), as well as Foosball men made to be unbreakable and long lasting. They also come screwed to the bars, which reinforces their sturdiness and provides ease of assembly.

The company also has exceptional playfields that are made with linoleum. Why does this matter? Because this provides gameplay that is virtually free of resistance. Significantly less resistance leads to smooth gameplay and faster shots!

Rene Pierre took his tables a step further in excellence by creating self-lubricating bushings which make rod control out of this world. This provides more precise shots and better ball control for expert play. All of these exceptional factors really set them apart from the rest of the Foosball community.

Tables that Rene Pierre offers

French Foosball tables are generally babyfoot tables, which have a curved, rounded table design and specific feet. Rene Pierre tables offer a variety of these table styles. They focus on bringing distinct color schemes to their tables. These include white, brown, red, and orange-yellow. These particular color choices keep manufacturing simple and yet offer up a modern look or a bold look for potential buyers.

Their line of “coffee” babyfoot Foosball tables are tailored for French cafes and businesses but can be used in the home too if desired. They come in a variety of styles and offer up a few other colors aside from the traditional four colors. This line features a really modern looking table in black. This particular line has 14 different choices of style. We won’t go into detail of each one, but here some ones that stand out among the crowd:

– Leader’s Table Football:

This table is for the nostalgic side of players who wish to play a little old school style Foosball.

– Tahiti Table Football:

This is an exclusive table, built to handle the great outdoors! It is waterproof, UV-resistant and temperature resistant. It is perfect as a space-saving design if there isn’t room indoors. It is also perfect for those enjoy being outdoors, but want to play some Foosball too.

– Bora-Bora Table Football:

Bora-Bora is also an outdoor table designed with rust proof legs and weather resistance materials, but what makes it stand out above the Tahiti is the soft light colored wood look with bright blue world coloring. It is extremely modern looking in color and design.

Along with these great choices, Rene Pierre offers junior tables for children that are perfect in size and of course safety orientated.

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Billiards by Rene Pierre

Their outdoor line of Foosball tables are arguably top of the line extraordinary, as well as their other Foosball models, but that is not all the Rene Pierre brand prides itself on. It is also in the business of making high-quality Billiards tables. The process of building one of their legendary Billiards tables starts with a strong combination of carpentry, mechanics, tapestry, painting, and stonework. They have sturdy slates under the basic sheet on their pool tables. These slates are chosen from the best places in the world, to ensure perfection. They come in one or three parts, depending on the table being built.

Living up to his promise of innovation and quality products, Rene Pierre was the first to use metal frame construction on his billiards table. It was naked to the eye because it was hidden under the cabinet, making it even more sturdy than one could imagine. The quality continues with each table being crafted in-shop before being delivered to the customer. Over 100 hours are put into each table and while that seems like a lot, it is required for the perfect quality that the Rene Pierre brand brings.

The look of the Rene Pierre billiards table also sets it apart. They are extremely modern looking, without the “bulk” that other tables can seem like they have. They have designed an outdoor table in this line as well to match their outdoor Foosball tables. This really expands the user-friendliness of its products.

One of the most unique features of the Rene Pierre billiards is a surprising little innovation, that is anything by little. They have models of their billiards tables that also convert into dining tables! This is very modern especially in concern to those living in small houses or apartments. Customers can not only have the fun of Billiards but the pleasure of a sleek, modern dining table.

To accompany their dining tables, they’ve partnered up with their cabinetry department to design benches and chairs measured to perfection. Not only are their masterfully built, but they are also matching depending on the table purchased. There are three styles of chairs to choose from and two styles of benches.

Other Products by Rene Pierre

Foosball extraordinaire? Billiards perfectionist? What else could the Rene Pierre brand possibly bring? Rene Pierre is also known for their arcade pinball machine that features over 800 games. Ron Pierre also makes Jukeboxes. They offer two styles of Jukeboxes, The Bubbler, and the Jukebox Retro. Each one is beautifully designed with detailed wood-work. The Bubbler is the modern looking one, while the Jukebox Retro offers up an old-style nostalgic feel. So not only can offer entertainment in the form of great Foosball tables and Billiards, but they offer a complete package with the Jukebox line.

Jukeboxes are not the only digital option from Rene Pierre. They keep the fun flowing with four different arcade gaming machines.

The options are endless for tabletop games from Rene Pierre. They also offer up air hockey tables and even dart boards. Rene Pierre also makes home decor pieces like pool ball clocks and bottle openers. These make fun novelty gifts. More practically, they also offer cue stick holders and billiards lamps, which could be used with their Foosball tables if desired. Their ability to keep quality while providing a wide range of choices for everyone is quite admirable.

They also offer up a variety of parts for their Foosball tables including men to change out, replacement bars, balls, etc. They also offer cue sticks, chalks and more for their billiards tables.

Commitment to the world of Foosball and tabletop gaming has kept the Rene Pierre name at the top of the list of desired manufacturers. Rene Pierre has spent decades providing the world with variety, craftsmanship, and dedication that simply cannot be beaten.