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Is a Goalie Shot in Foosball Really Worth More? Let’s Find Out


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Foosball is the game of merriment and glee which is played across nations, but the rules of the game-play differ on the basis of the style of play. Competitive foosball includes three major styles of play. The configuration of the table and the rules of the game are a touch different for all three styles of play, namely the Texas (American) Style, the European/German Style, and the French Style.

Although the game of foosball may very well be considered as an official sport, there are heated debates when it comes to scoring a goalie shot in foosball. While some may pass a positive verdict on the goalie shots being worth more in foosball, others may dismiss it.

In this article, we shall learn all about a foosball goalie shot and know if it is really worth more than a player score.

Is a Goalie Shot Really Worth More?

The official rules in the game of foosball dismiss the claim that one can score 2 points with a goalie score. It is officially stated that there is no difference is the points scored and each goal accounts to one single point.

The rule of double scoring with a goalie shot is often initiated by casual foosball players for fun and recreation but it is mandatory to abide by the official rules in a professional game or tournament.

Another popular unofficial rule is to offer a “Goalie Delight” if your goalie scores a goal. Going by this rule, the ball that is served next has to drop in in your defensive zone rather than serving the ball as per the usual rules. Again, this rule is not applicable in the event of a professional game-play as it is not an official rule.

You also have to have in thought that on some foosball tables there are 3 players on the Goalie rod. It would open up a lot of discussion in that game with this rule. Read our article on 1 or 3 man goalies here.

Are There Other Rules Foosball Goalies?

No, in the official rules there aren’t any specific goalie rules but, the pointers listed below elaborate on the various rules that are related to the goalies:

The rules make way for a single’s special event, known to foosball enthusiasts as the Goalie War. In this type of game, all the 3, as well as the 5 man rods, are removed, allowing the defenders of the Goalies to play against each other.

The Goalie Crank is a shot which may be executed if the player rolls the rod along the arm and wrist, pushing the hand past the left side of the handle while exerting a downward force.

Spinning, jiggling and lifting the table as to get the dead ball rolling counts as a penalty; this calls for a Penalty Shot as per the official rules of the game. Therefore, the ball must be placed at the right spot and the defensive players must be moved to a horizontal position, allowing the player to defend the goal with access to the goalie bar only.

What are some Tips for a Goalie Shot?

For individuals who are far from being experts at foosball, a few tips on how to score a goalie shot can be of great help. Listed below are a few tips on how to score a neat goalie shot:

Your goalie and defense must be in sync. Play the goalie(s) and 2-man rod as a single unit. Make sure you narrow down the space between players and move them simultaneously to cut off angles.

Avoid slopping. You have to observe the direction of the foosball and accordingly position you men to prevent the ball from striking the goal.

Keep you goalie placed at the position at all times, defending the goal. This will ensure that you quickly defend the goal post then the opponent attacks.

Trap the foosball when it hits your area. The best way here is to gain possession of the ball and ensure that the ball does not bounce back. If you are unable to gain control of the ball yourself, you have to try and trap the ball so that it is inaccessible to your opposition.

Keep the ball cleared out of your goal post. It is only wise to pass the ball to the forwards after gaining possession of the ball.

Does the Position of Foosball Players Affect the Value of a Goalie Shot?

In foosball, the position of the foosball players left right can greatly affect the value of a goalie shot. When players are positioned correctly, the goalie can have better control and accuracy when blocking shots. If the players are not in the right position, the goalie may have a harder time defending the goal.


Being played worldwide, the rules of foosball are defined differently by players of different origins. The rules are often altered to make the game more fun and recreational. Nevertheless, it is important to have complete knowledge about the official rules of the game and be aware of the alterations and deviations. If you are new to the game of foosball, it is also essential to inculcate in yourself the habit of fair play and develop the right attitude when playing with your opponents in order to play the game in a more professional and responsible manner.

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