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The talks about which of these two is better, foosball with one goalie or three-goalie is a never-ending debate. The first tables made was with 1 goalie as to mimic those on the soccer playing field. There are many opinions and point of views on which is better. But, it really depends on the player’s preference.

Now, everyone must be wondering as to why foosball tables have one goalie while the others have three?

History of the 3-goalie

The 3-man goalie Tornado was designed for Ed McCloud in 1980, and was first introduced in production in 1981 or 1982.

(I) Built the table with 3-men on the goalie rod because I had no way to install the ramps with the tools I had available.  However, it was successful because it cost less to produce, was more durable, it increased the revenue per hour to the operator, and most importantly it makes the game more fun and easier to learn for the beginner player. 

Edgar – Designer of the 3-men goalie rod

Primarily, any type of table is just fine. Be it one goalie or three goalie table type.

One man goalie is much more widely known compared to three man goalie, but then, there are still those who prefer three-man goalie over one man goalie.

The advantages and disadvantages of each

Now, why do some prefer one goalie while the others favor three goalies?

To see their differences more keenly, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of table.

Advantages of One Goalie Foosball

● Taking advantage of space control

With one goalie foosball, there is an advantage in taking much more control in space not worrying for the crowd.

● Good for People with Great Agility

The speed of your reaction or the required agility plays an essential role for you to win the game. Thus, if you are the type which can react fast and abruptly, then one goalie foosball is a game for you.

● Popular in Europe

One goalie foosball is widely known and played in the Europe table so if you are from Europe and looking for peers to play it with you, then you will never really get trouble in finding some.

Furthermore, one goalie foosball is more preferred, especially for tournaments and competitions. So, if you are seeking entitlements and accomplishments, this it is an advisable game for you because you can compete and go to tournaments with it.

Disadvantages of One Goalie Foosball

If there are good things about one-goalie foosball, but there are also the downsides of it. Here are some of the disadvantages when playing on a one-goalie foosball:

● Teamwork

One goalie foosball calls for another type of team play. Some poeple find that it doesn’t require as much teamwork when compared to three goalies foosball.

● One-goalie Foosball Table May be Hard to Find in the US

If you are from the US, finding a one-goalie public foosball table can be difficult. Many US manufacturers nowadays no longer release or make tables with one goalie anymore (but you can alter it, look below). The most popular US one-goalie table is the Warrior Table

Win a Free Warrior Foosball Table!

When buying a one-goalie table it could be difficult to find one in you. If there are no one-goalie foosball table available in your area, then you will need to travel, or you can get it online and it may cost a little bit more expensive, too.

Advantages of Three Goalie Foosball

After discussing the one-goalie foosball, let’s now examine and look closely to the advantages of playing a three-goalie foosball.
Here is the list of its advantages:

● This game will spoil you with good assistance

One good thing in playing a 3-goalie foosball is having allies and assistance from you goal position.

● Suitable game for team players

Three-goalie foosball is a team game. Coordination and cooperation are essential characteristics of any three-goalie foosball player. You are needed to reach out with your teammates and to think like one.

Teamwork is highly needed in this game, you need to trust and depend on other team players for you to win.

● It is Considered to be a Standard Game by Many in the US

Playing a three-goalie foosball is by some considered as a standard.

High regard is given for players of three-goalie foosball. It could be because it is challenging in a different way than the one goalie foosball.

Disadvantages of Three Goalie Foosball

After knowing the benefits of playing a three-goalie foosball, let’s now go and examine its disadvantages:

• Only a few are familiar in playing it

If you love three-goalie foosball and wanted to play it whenever you see one in a customized café or playhouse, one of the realities of it is that not everyone can play with you.

It is because more people know more about one-goalie foosball compared with three-goalie foosball. And so, you cannot really enjoy it playing with different people. There are even some areas where they know nothing about it nor did they saw a three-goalie foosball table. And that can be a sad drawback about it.

• Not a challenging game

Some consider three-goalie foosball as a boring and not-so-challenging table game. Why? Because according to them, one goalie-foosball is more fun. But again this is all depending on the person playing what is fun for some sure isent for others.

Now you have some information on this advantages and disadvantages of both types of tables. If you are buying a Foosball table then i hope this will help you in making a disition on what you would prefer.

What are Foosball Corner Ramps?

The table corner ramps are the ones that will keep the ball returning a controlled manner when playing o a one-goalie table. This helps so the ball dosen’t end up dead in the corner. Depending on the table and the speed of the ball it can still end up laying still and you have to help the ball back in motion for you to be able to reach it with you players.

Can I change my table from 3 to 1 goalie?

The answer is simple. Yes, some tables you can. But you need to buy a kit for your table. But check the corners on your table first to see if there is room for installing a corner ramp. (Video of converted Tornado table below)

After getting the kit here are the steps:

● Remove the parts

The first thing you need to do is to remove the rods, the bolts, and bumpers.

● Take out the rods

Take out the rods and stuff it with a rubber stopper, a goalie and another rubber stopper, and get it back. (Guide on taking out the rods)

● Taking of the Players

Now carefully unscrew the 2 players on the sides.

● Attaching the ramps 

Follow the guide from the conversion kit you bought and precisely attach ramps to the corners in the table. In doing so, you may make use of double-sided tape. I do NOT recommend that you use glue.

● Reassemble the parts

Reattach the rod to the table. Make sure that you reassemble the rods so the players are on the right team.

● Do it again on the other team.

With all the requirements in playing a foosball game is already set-up, you are now ready to be at the top of your game.

Tornado Foosball Three Goalie Converted to One Goalie

Can I change my table from 1 to 3 goalie?

This, on the other hand, is way more difficult the other way around. It depends on the way the corner ramp is mounted to the playing surface of your table. Some companies glue it on others screw it on, and then again some make it so that the corners have a bend directly in the surface.

Can I Replace my Broken Corner Ramps?

Like above it depends on it you are able to get the ramp of with out breaking the structure of the playing surface. But if you are able to do this then it is possible to buy replacement ramps you can install in your table. Just attach them as stated in the guide above.

Goalie War Video

A little Goalie War on a Modified Bonzini Table

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