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How to Score in Foosball


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We are talking about a game where you win by getting the most goals in a match. So off course you will have the question how to score in foosball?

The answer is simple. You need to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. Even if the ball goes in and comes back out of the goal it will still count as a goal.

For someone who is even remotely familiar with the rules and terminologies used in the game of foosball, will know that it is not hard to make a score. Like a real game of soccer, you have to strengthen your defense in order to be an elite foosball player. The most effective way to execute real, perfect shots is to practice your defense.

Foosball is more than just keeping strict vigilance on the balls. It is not about rotating the handles with force just to hit a score.

This section is an elaborate listing of the various shots in foosball that you can master if you are a newbie to the game.

The various shots to master in foosball are listed below:

The Pull Shot– This shot needs no introduction in foosball. The popular shot is mostly used by armatures in a casual game-play. The execution of the shot is done with the 3-player bar and the shot is taken wholly with the middle man. The tactic in this shot is to pull the ball back before swiftly shooting it into the goal.

The Pull-Kick Shot- This shot qualifies for being a foosball pass. One has to shift or pass the ball from the end man on the 3-man rod to the middle man. Then, the player has to rapidly shoot the ball towards the goal to make a score.

The Push Shot- The push foosball shot is the same as a pull shot. The only difference here is that the ball is hit in the opposite direction to make a score. It requires the player to push the ball from the starting point, shooting it right into the goal. This shot is another example of an amateurish game-play, wherein the players are unfamiliar with skills required to take control of the ball.

The Push-Kick Shot- The shot is similar to the pull-kick shot, wherein the ball is passed from the last-man to the middle man and shooting the ball in the opposite direction to make a score.

Rollover Snake Shots- These types of foosball shots are taken by the middle man in the 3-man bar. The player has to pin the ball between the table and the man, making the hit by pinning the man in a forward position on the top of the ball. The rod is pushed and pulled simultaneously while rotating the wrist up the handle of the rod to hit the ball with the same man.

Bank Foosball Shot- This is one of the most popular shots employed to make a goal in foosball. The shot, when mastered correctly, can result in some quick scoring. The player is required to hit the ball against the wall of the foosball table so that it deflects and heads straight to the goal.

Dead Man Shot- This shot is a fine display of skill, patience and practice. A dead man shot is as simple as shooting an extreme corner shot in the opponent’s goal post. It is the shot taken from an angle that hits the goal post to make a score since the rival is unable to defend it with the 2-man bar.

Spray Shot- Much like a pull shot, a spray shot is aiming the ball at the goal while making a diagonal angle at the goal post.

Aerial Shot- An aerial shot requires the player to flip the ball in the air towards the goal post of the opponent. The defensive man takes the shot here as the ball remains caught at the back of the 2-man bar, lifted between the defensive men. The player has to hold the 2-man bar at a horizontal position and move the bar to the perfect angle in order to make a score.

Tic-Tac Shot- The shot involves passing the ball back and forth between two men on the same bar, following which the player has to strike the fall to make a score.

Foosball Trick Shots- Foosball trick shots are best executed by pro players to make a goal. Trick shots are basically the compilation of various kinds of foosball shot which is carried out with an exceptional timing as well as placement. There is no one way to master these shots as these shots may be taken from the offensive as well as the defensive side of the table. Trick shots are nothing but some unexpected variations of a standard shot which the players takes when the defense player is least expecting it.

Foos Shot– A foos shot includes swinging your rod in order to block your opponents shot or pass the ball and shoot it into their own goal post. You can attempt a foos every time your opponent takes a shot that might result in a goal.

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