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There are a few Foosball companies who have their initial start in business as furniture manufacturers. However, American Heritage is a completely unique exception to this fact.

Where did American Heritage get its start? What puts them above other Foosball companies? These are only a couple of questions that will be explored in this article.

The History of American Heritage

Compared to other Foosball companies, American Heritage is a rather young company. They were founded in 1987 as a furniture and pool table manufacturer. Based within Cleveland, Ohio. they were a true American brand for a long time. Everything used to make these products, from start to finish, was sourced domestically. However, as the business grew, the demands for resources obviously grew as well. This leads the company to use global and domestic resources to meet their goals. Even with global resources as a part of their business, the company kept true (and still does today) to their design and specifications for all their products.
As a billiard table expert, American Heritage is proudly a member of the Billiard Congress of America.

The Transition to Foosball Tables

In conjunction with their expanding business, their focus for customer service excelled to a level that cannot be matched. When asking the customers their preference of pool tables, it came to light that customers wanted matching furniture and more gaming options. With a reputation already steady in the billiards world, why not expand to create other gaming room favorites? The company combined their skill of furniture making with their love for game room tables and created a truly distinctive company.

American Heritage listened to their customers and brought forth entire matching game room furniture and gaming tables. This kind of business model enables the customer to get the exact look that works for their space. This service not only set them apart from other companies but helped them establish themselves in the tabletop gaming industry. While it may not seem important to coordinate all the furniture in a game room, it really is; it just ties everything together for a more aesthetically attractive room and overall experience.

To bring the high level of gaming room needs that this type of business model requires, they branched out to start making Foosball tables as well as their famous billiards. All their Foosball tables are attractive pieces, looking more furniture than a typical Foosball table. They also expanded into making air hockey tables, dartboards, shuffleboard and table tennis pieces. Any choice would complete the desired look to a gaming space.

American Heritage Foosball Tables

American Heritage’s dedication to quality and consistency is very apparent when browsing their website ( for products. The key to achieving quality and consistency is keeping the product options limited, while still offering a variety. This equation does seem difficult, but when reached equals major success. American Heritage has perfected this model by focusing on designing 12 different furniture packages for their pool tables and 3 sleek looking Foosball Tables to match their furniture packages.

– Element Foosball Table in Stone or Black

This table (along with their furniture pieces in general) is very modern looking, with dark colors to match most any room scheme. It has sturdy legs that a scissor lift (shape of an X) design. The Foosball players are counterbalanced which shows their tables are not just for show. A counterbalanced Foosball player means that there is a weight in the head and foot, ensuring more controllable play and more advanced shots. It measures in at 54.5″ W x 50.5″ D X 35″ H and weighs in at 144 lbs.

– Carlyle Foosball Table

The Carlyle Foosball Table offers up a more classic Foosball look with a dark brown cabinet and a stocky build atop legs equipped with adjustable levelers. This table is perfect for a customer looking to stay old-fashioned but still a little modern. It’s measurements are 62″ W x 50.5″ D X 34.5″ H and heftily weighs 177 lbs.

– Savannah Foosball Table

With “H” tilt legs supporting its smaller framed cabinet, the Savannah resembles tournament play tables. The light brown coloring is perfect for someone with a natural looking game room. As with all the Foosball tables, it has the counterbalanced men. The Savannah measures 57.75″ W x 55.25″ D x 35″ H and weighs 152 lbs.

All their Foosball tables feature a 3-man goalie system and two ball returns. They range in price from $799.99 to $999.95. They also offer textured balls for purchase, which further proves their commitment to high-quality gaming pieces as textured balls offer the best grip.

American Heritage Pool Tables

Their 12 choices of pool tables include, Quest, Savannah, Da Vinci, Infinity, Fresco, Ambassador, Marietta, Ambiance, Avon, Lennox, Austin, and Eclipse. This offers a variety of looks for everyone including modern to old fashioned to somewhere in between. As mentioned before, all their Foosball tables can be matched with these tables to complete an entire look.

Furniture Combinations

Customers can build a complete room with whatever desired look they are searching for with a lot more than just pool tables and Foosball tables. American Heritage stays true to its roots and builds matching furniture perfect for any game room. From bars and bar stools to wine cabinets and even poker tables, nothing is out of the realm of possibilities.

Their bar stools come in four different styles: swivel metal, swivel wood, backless, and stationary. These classic choices can accommodate many preferences. In an attempt to keep the options “endless” in combining pieces for different looks, their stool choices are on the larger size. Typically each type has about 18 different pieces to choose from.

They even make pub tables along with their wine and spirit cabinets. Other than great craftsmanship, there is not anything overly special about these particular tables.

American Heritage’s poker tables are quite unique as well. They make classic poker table designs (the oval shape most are accustomed to seeing) as well as their other versions. This includes a rectangular table line, but still with the raised edges and high quality felt tops.

Every product American Heritage offers truly caters to the entertainer. As stated before, the options are kept semi-limited to ensure quality control, but they still manage to offer seemingly everything. This includes Home bar sets.

Other Products

American Heritage’s diverse gaming furniture is very desirable. They offer 6 different air hockey tables, including a 6 player table! It seems their innovation and custom made products is endless! They take on Shuffleboard, bringing the traditional game to a tabletop setting with 4 models to choose from. Their table tennis tables come in three choices that come with all the accessories needed. Aside from these classic games, they also dive into dartboards. Each dartboard comes in a beautiful wooden case so they are not only playable fun but works of art hanging from the wall.
Every game table product their build also comes with accessories to purchase with it. They keep their niche tight and the quality high, as well as their standards. No stone goes uncovered when it comes to providing for the customer. All the accessories that are offered are not only top notch, but necessary for any expert or beginner player.

If you want to see what gaming tables a furniture American Heritage sell then you can look at their catalog on Amazon. (Link to Amazon)

What Makes Shelti Foosball Tables a Part of American Heritage in Foosball?

Shelti foosball tables have become a part of American heritage in the world of foosball, setting the gold standard for quality and performance. As a top competitor in the industry, the brand‘s durable construction and precise engineering have made it a favorite among players of all skill levels.

American Heritage among the Foosball World

While they currently only offer up three styles of Foosball tables, their attention to detail on the game of Foosball can be appreciated. There is always room for expansion, so perhaps in the future, they will offer up more styles to match more of their other lines. An advanced Foosball play would find this company respectable for paying attention to the things that truly matter in an exciting game of Foosball.

This includes the counterbalanced men and the textured ball for maximum grip action. With billiards as their focal point, they could have easily skimped on providing an all-around Foosball experience. However, that just is not who they are as a company. They are incapable of providing a less than exceptional experience. Their dedication spreads to all their clients, no matter what their core items are; and that is a business model to set an example for the industry with.

Along with their dedication to all things tabletop gaming, their continued perfection in the furniture building world is also respectable. Their well-built items will withstand fierce gameplay, no matter the name of the game. The longevity of their products makes for a great reputation, repeat customers and new customers coming to their doorstep continuously. American Heritage’s unique customer focus puts them at an advantage in a world where many companies like them have been around for lots of decades. They proved themselves to stand out above the rest.

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