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The Shelti Foosball Table Brand (Gold Standard Games)


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We love playing Foosball right? But where do we play it? What tables do you use? Often we don’t give a mind on the manufacturer of those tables. Sometimes we even don’t know who the manufacturers are. It’s that important?

Yes, it necessary. When you are familiar with a certain company you can be able to defend them. For instance, if another company imitates the product. As a player, you can always give your designer feedback. That awesome. Because the company will make sure it maintains that high standard.

Ever heard of Shelti Foosball? If not then you are in the right place. In this article, I will give you a brief history of Shelti Company. Besides, I will guide you on the various brands available. By the end of this article, you will have adequate knowledge of Shelti manufacturer.

Know the company. So when buying a Foosball table you will have solid grounds to go for a particular product. You know why? History repeats itself. If a company has been known for designing quality products in the past. It will still provide top quality products now. How deep do you know Shelti company? Test yourself as you read through.

About the Shelti Company

Where did you first play Foosball? Most people play their game in bars, that local pizza shop or at an arcade. Who was the designer of those tables? Chances are that the brand was from Shelti Company. In the last 50 years, Shelti Company has been rated first in its category. The company specializes in making top quality table soccer. The tables offer high standards of craftsmanship. They are also used in competition matches around the nation. The tables are also designed with a coin-operated mechanism.

Besides that what else? The company is manufacturing tables for both offices and homes. Where do you stand? Pick on one. The products of the company are unique and similar in all the brands. The tables are made of a higher quality material that guarantees durability.

The company ensures that. Professional tables and home-based have the same level of craftsmanship. Is that not great? The tables have the same design. You know what? Shelti is very proud of their products.

They have a good warrant for their products. You don’t have to worry when your new product develops a niche.

When the tables are completely assembled. The playfield inches are the same as a commercial table.

For 50 years Shelti has shown the ability to manufacture quality tables. That can withstand continuous play and maintain its condition. Where are the tables made? The Shelti tables are designed in the USA. The processing plant is located in Michigan. Since then, Shelti Foosball tables continue to be the best tables in the market due to its quality.

History of Shelti Company

Everything in this world has a starting point. You also have your history right? But where did Shelti Company start?

Shelti Company is also known as Gold Standard Games. It has a beautiful history of designing high-quality games. Which meet the standards of the players. Shelti Company was invented by a group of investors. Some of them are top executives from Valley Recreation Products. Up to date the group still operates the company. The Valley Recreation Company. It is still the manufacturers of Dynamo and Tornado Foosball tables.

Since then, the company has been operating in a space known for game tables manufacturing. For over 50 years they have been operating in the field. When did they release their first Foosball table? It was in 2001 after launching the new Shelti Company.

What else does the company specialize in? Besides Foosball tables, billiards tables, darts, air, and bubble hockey. The company focuses on the American style of table soccer which was discovered in the 1970s. Still, the Company manufactures products with traits of the European style tables. The combination of the two leads to the production of great tables.

Their cornerstone has been the cabinet. It is of the highest quality in the market. The company also has developed unique steel rods. Besides they have improved the playing men and their toes. The tables have a flat surface that ensures great control of the ball.

In 2010, Shelti was bought by Mark Robbins. He is a former champion of world air hockey. Robbins is most known for the coin-operated games. It is also known for reviving the air hockey game. Through his design, promotion and sales work with Dynamo Corporation back in the 1980s. 

Shelti Brands

What are the unique features found in Shelti products and not others? Most people compare Shelti brand to Carrom brand. Why? Because most of the features are the same. That is the design, performance, and quality. That already tells that the two products are good.

Has shelti always made Foosball tables?

That a question that many are asking. Yes, the company has been Foosball tables. Only that it was under another company. For over 70 years Shelti concentrated in making recreational products including Foosball tables.

Some of the shareholders were from Valley Recreation Company. Thus most of the products were being sold under Valley. Later on, the company became independent. It was in 2001 that they launched the Foosball tables. The company focused more on air hockey, darts, and other sports items. Mention them. They are already in the history.

Since then the company has specialized in making top quality products. Tornado Foosball tables being their competitors. Besides, the company needs to develop trust in itself. This way they will be able to meet the customer demand. The common challenge. Is that customers like the product features but they are scarce in supply.

Hence customers shift to other brands.

Shelti Brand has the Following Features

The cabinet

The cabinet is built of a high-quality element. These give the product a good weight. Thus it can fit both at the office or at home.

Quality balls

The balls are smooth and well rounded. The ball is hard and can maintain continuous plays. It’s also easy to control it even with rough players.

Designed men

The playing men all well-designed. They have sharper toes and a cross-hatched cross-section. That enhances ball control.

Flat play field

The playing field is of good size. No congestion while playing. The surface is also smooth to allow swift movements of the ball. 

Table stability

You don’t have to worry when playing on high terrains. The tables are stable as it has well-fitted leg levelers. They are also adjustable depending on the ground level.

Quality rods

The rods and smooth and offers a tight grip. You do not have to keep on fixing the rods because of sliding. They also have a rubber end. Hence it cannot injure your hands. Regardless of whether the game is rough not.


The price to quality ratio is measurable. The company charges a fair price but the products are of high quality.

People get confused when they have to choose between Shelti Foosballs and Tornado. Which one do you think is the best? According to research Shelti tables features more of their price. You get more than your money deserves.

The Tornado Foosball is a bit expensive. So? It should offer more quality products than Shelti. But that does not happen. Shelti Company thus, create products worth the money charged.

Shelti Company has a serious of models. These are the brands that sell the company. Each brand is unique in its own way. They are also made to suit different customer satisfaction. The brands include. Shelti Foos 200 Foosball table, Shelti Pros Foo II Foosball table. Shelti Pro Foos II Deluxe Foosball table, 

Shelti Pro Foos III Foosball table, Shelti Home Pro Foosball Table. Shelti Pro Foos III Coin-Op Foosball table, Shelti Pro Foos 1 Foosball table. Shelti Foos 400 Foosball Table, Shelti Foos 100 Foosball table. Shelti Rock it Foosball table and Shelti Foos 315 Foosball table.

The Company has invested in developing Foosballs of various design. Have you tried one? Maybe yes or no. I will provide a brief review of the 5 best Shelti Foosball tables. With that, you will have a glance at how other products are. In the same series. Here are some of them.

Shelti Pro Foos II Deluxe Foosball table


What makes Shelti products durable is the thickness of the cabinet. Some people reason that because an item is cheap then it has a short life span. That is not the case with Shelti. The cabinet is 1″ inch thick. It has a weight of over 235Ibs that guarantees durability. The table is made of a great element and it’s affordable.

The men are counterbalanced thus able to control the ball. Experience and intermediate players prefer that feature. Thus the players are able to keep the playing men horizontal to the surface. Thus it is easy for the ball to go through.

The rods are hollow and long lasting. Because they are lubricated with bushings.


  • Durability.
  • Well-constructed men.
  • Best for experienced and intermediate players.
  • Hollow steel rods.


  • The price is a bit higher.

Shelti Foos 200 Foosball Table


It is the heavy duty Shelti product. The thickness is 1 inch. It weighs 215Ibs. That means that it can hold for long. Even when the players are aggressive. The rods also are machine made. This gives them resistance with Shelti Foosballs. Also an added strength.

The counterbalanced men allow the game to flow. Because they are kept horizontal during shooting. The leg levelers are also good. They keep the table leveled on irregular surfaces. The tables are very stable. It endures the pressure of the players when playing.


  • Table stability.
  • Tubular chrome rods.
  • Counterbalanced men.
  • Leg Levelers.


  • Poor end ball return
  • It is more expensive than other brand series.

Shelti Pro Foos III Coin-Op Foosball Tables


This tables has a unique extra feature that other Shelti tables do not have. Do you know which one? It has a coin slot. It is also coin operated. Thus players have to pay to play. With the coin mechanism this means that the table is strong. 

Hence it can accommodate all types of players without breaking.


  • Side ball return.
  • The coin slot.
  • Well-designed men.
  • Quality construction.
  • In built play surface.


  • It is designed for commercial purpose.

Shelti Pro Foos III Foosball Table


It a good looking table. It is made from a heavy duty material. A laminate wood element. Hence it is firm and durable. The rods are quality. So they are able to control players. In turn you can make a shot. The handles are made of wood. Hence to operate with them.

The players are well constructed. Ever had an experience with these type of people who like disorienting everything? They will even try pull out the playing men to see whether they are real. But with this model that’s impossible. They are fixed.


  • In built play surface.
  • Counterbalance men.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Side ball return.


  • The price is relative high.

Shelti Home Pro Foosball Table


The table is well designed. With back sleek cabinet. The playing surface is painted green. It easy to distinguish players. Why? Because the players are divide in Red and Black team. The rods have a �Lock-on-men’ system. Thus it’s easy to control the players.

As with the other tables, the men are counterbalanced. Rods are manufactured of nickel, chrome, and copper. Thus increasing their performance. Most beginners prefer these tables because of the side ball return. They end ball return as complicated.


  • Designed men
  • Side ball return
  • Quality steel rods
  • Lock-on-men
  • High-quality construction.


  • The price is high compared to other tables of the same series.

Wrapping up

Are you a professional player or you do Foosball for entertainment? Whichever the case you use the Foosball tables. Be loyal to your manufacturer by understanding them deeper. Start with Shelti Company.

Time will come when you want to buy a Foosball table. It can be for your family entertainment or at office. How do you select a perfect table? It is wise that you review about the company 

Who is the Manufacturer of the Shelti Foosball Tables?

The Shelti Foosball Tables manufacturer is Shelti Inc., a company known for producing high-quality foosball tables since 1962. With a focus on durability, playability, and design, Shelti foosball tables are a popular choice for both casual players and serious enthusiasts.

History and its top brands. 

You must have a reason why you are going for a certain brand and not any other. Understanding the company will make it easy for you to analyze the options you have at the table. Will you go for a company that started the other day? No review for their product? You will be wasting your resources.

Shelti Company has a rich history. The have years of experience in manufacturing Foosball tables and other sports materials. The tables are high of standards with a thick cabinet. This increase the durability of the product. 

The tables are also affordable. Shelti is the only Company that charges less for quality Foosball tables. The product are also available online and local sports and recreational shops.

Will you grab one? Of course yes. You have the history of the company. The quality features across the brand. And the reviews of some of the series. 

The products are very competitive. Hurry while stock lasts!

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