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In this atrticle I will list all the most common shots that are used in foosball. First I will list them and then afterwards i will go a bit more into each type of shot. For the shots that i have made more elaborate guides on there will also be a link to those

The 12 Different Shots of Foosball:
(Look Below for more Information on Each)

  • Foosball Pull Shot
  • Pull Kick Foosball Shot
  • Push Foosball Shot
  • Push Kick Foosball Shot
  • Rollover – Snake Foosball Shot
  • Bank Foosball Shot
  • Dead Man Foosball Shot
  • Spray Foosball Shot
  • Aerial Foosball Shot
  • Tic-Tac Shot
  • Foosball Trick Shots
  • Foosball Foos Shot

Foosball Pull Shot

The Pull Shot is very popular and also effective shots when used correctly. It is used by both amateurs and in tournament play. The pull shot is made from the 3-bar and is made entirely with the middle player.

How is it made: The shot is made by pulling the ball along the rod towards you and then very fast shooting in the ball at the time where there is a hole in the defense.

Difficulty: This is a shot that is semi-easy to learn but also takes a good amount of time to master and perfect. As an amateur, this is a good shot to learn early on. Also remember to pratcise the Push Shot so you can vary your shots.

Pull Kick Foosball Shot

The Pull Kick shot is another common foosball shot thou this one isn’t often used in tournaments it can still help you quite a bit in the amateur scene. It gives you an extra option in your arsenal which your opponent also has to be aware of. This shot can also be disquised as a normal pass on your 3-bar.

How is it made: This is made in multiple ways but here is one. The shot is made from the 3 man rod (3-Bar) with the ball placed on the inside of your player farthest away from you. Then you make a pull pass and use the middle player to make the shot and score the goal.

Difficulty: This shot is in the easier end of the scale. The shot can be made with varying speed but the basics of it are easy to learn. I recommend beginning with the Pull Shot and then using this after.

Here are a few variations of the pull Kick Shot

Push Foosball Shot

The Push Shot is another common shot in foosball. As with the Pull Shot, this shot is an important shot to learn for beginners. It has to be in your arsenal for you to be able to advance and to win.

How is it made: The Push Shot is made from the 3-bar middle man. The shot is made completely opposite of the pull shot. So you have the middle player placed on closest to you with the ball on the opposite side of the player towards to middle. Then you push the ball along the bar and make the shot in one of the holes in the defence.

Difficulty: This is one of the more easier shot as it doesn’t require a lot of ball control to make. As with the Pull Shot this shot can be perfected in many ways with both speed and accuracy meaing it will take som practise to master but still in the easier end of the scale.

Push Kick Foosball Shot

The Push Kick is a mirror of of the Pull Kick Shot.

How to make it: The Push Kick Shot is made from the 3 man rod (3-Bar) with the ball placed on the inside of your player that is closest to you. Then you make a quick pass to the middle player that makes the shot and score the goal.

Difficulty: This shot is in the easier end of the scale. The shot can be made with varying speed but the basics of it are easy to learn. I recommend that when you practice on this shot that you also practice on the Pull variation that way you can attack from both sides of the field and don’t have to make extra passes.

Rollover – Snake Foosball Shot

The Snake Shot or the Rollover as it is also called is one of the more advanced shots. It requires a special grip on the rod and a good amout of ball control.

How is it made: The shot is made from the middle player on 3-bar. You start off with the ball pinned down between the table and the man in front of you. You have to shoot this shot with an open hand and with the rod resting on the wrist of your hand. Then you move your man either pushing or pulling the rod and simultaneously you are spinning the handle of the rod in your wrist in order to strike the ball with the same player in the same motion.

When this shot is done correctly it can be difficult to see what happens but take a look below where you can see it in slow motino.

Difficulty: This is a very advanced shot and it takes a huge amount of practice so if you are planning on learning to make this shot then be ready to spend a lot of time at the table training. But when perfected you can shine on the field making a good amount goals on it.

Bank Foosball Shot

The Bank Shot is kinda “trick-shot” made from the outer players on the rod. It can be vary effective from your 2-bar defense rod. It is a diagonal shot that bounces the ball of the wall and into the goal from an angle.

How is it made: The shot is made

Difficulty: This is a medium difficulty shot. That is because there are a few things you need to train and be aware of during the match when using the shot. You need to learn the different angles and train the shots from different positions and then when playing you need to check the line the ball will go to check if there is a hole. This is a bit more difficult with an angled shot then it is with a straight one. But when prefected it can make for some easy goals that your opponent wassent ready for.

Dead Man or Dead Bar Foosball Shot

The Dead Man Shot is a situational shot you can use when the defense is using a certain style of defense, that makes this shot situational. The shot is made when you shoot a shot to the corner of your opponent’s goal. The shot itself can be made with all shots but I will try and describe the general idea of the shot below. The reason it is called a Dead Man or Dead Ba shot is that you make it so that you opponents defensive 2-man rod players are “Dead” as they cant move any further to block the ball.

How is it made: The make the Pull Shot variation of the Dead Man Shot your opponent have to be using the player closest to him on the 2-man defense rod as the main defensive man. This is a shot best explained in a video so check it out here below.

Difficulty: This shot that a bit of practice to make but it is easy to train and also fairly easy to become good enough at making the shot. Since it is a situational shot i wouldn’t recommend that it is one of the first shot you spend time on mastering.

Spray Foosball Shot

Making a Spray Shot just means that your a shooting the ball in a angle. That means that it can be from any player on the field. There are alot of opinions on if you should use spray shot or not. There are multiple pros and cons to making this shot that i wont get into in this post but I will make a more detailed article on the Spray Shot later. But check out the video below on how to make the shot.

Aerial Foosball Shot

The Aerial Shot isn’t really a shot you use in a match it is more of a show-off trick shot where you lift up the ball and place it on the back of your defensive player and then you loop the ball into your opponents goal.

Tic-Tac Shot

How is it made: The shot is made with you bouncing the ball sideways between you players on the 3-man rod, looking for an opening in the defense, you can take advantages of and shoot the ball in. The greater the speed of the ball when moving between you players the more difficult it will be for your opponent to keep the goal safe from the TicTac shot

Difficulty: This shot is difficult to master because you need to keep the ball moving all the time and still you have to keep an eye open for holes in the defense for you to hit. Besides that you will have to master quite a few other shots like the pull and push shots to be able to do this shot. That alone makes this a difficult shot to master. But if you are already good at the other shots then the Tic-Tac shot is a good one to learn.

Foosball “Foos” Shot

How is it made: The Foos shot is basically a shot where you anticipate where your opponent is going to shot with their 2-man rod and then you place your player in the way and shot the ball back into the goal.

Difficulty: The shot in itself isn’t difficult. The difficult part is figuring out where your opponent is going to shot and then get there in time for you to make the shot.

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