How To Play Foosball

Basic Game Objective

Let me answer this in an easy and quick way. The objective of the game is to score goals on your opponent by using the men who are attached to the rods you control, and of course, try and make sure that your opponent doesn’t. To make it more visual it is a soccer match where your players are only able to move sideways. For a more precise explanation keep reading.

Learn How to Play Foosball / Table Soccer

The game at its core is very simplistic, foosball is pretty straight forward. The game is made up by 8 rods, with foosball players attached, that you push back and forth. By turning the rods you are able to kick the ball into the opponents goal. Like most other games the team that scores the most wins. That is that bacis of foosball as it is know in US, or “Table Soccer/Football” in Europe.

Want to know more about Foosball?

Here on I will try to answer as many questions as I can and to try and make some I guides that you can use even if you are a beginner of the game or you are an experienced player.

Now I am going to go a little more into details on the different parts of the game.

What are The 8 Foosball Rods.

The 8 rods are devided between the 2 players so that each team has the same amount of players placed identically (thou mirrored) The list here below is

  1. This rod is the goalie. This is the only rod that can look a bit different from table to table. Some tables have 3 players on this rod but most only have 1 as shown above.
  2. This rod is the Defence Players. You have 2 players and the goal rod as your final defense to keep your opponent from scoring.
  3. The Midfield, here you have 5 players. Each player has 5 players on their respective side of center field. This is also where the ball is put into play after a scoring.
  4. The Offence, this is your offensive line, it is made up by 3 players and from here most of your goals a probably going to be scored.

As you can see in the picture i have numbered up the rods from each team.

Types of foosball game formats

There are a few ways of playing i will list em here.


Here you play 1-vs-1, each player controls the 4 rods on their side of the table.


Here you play 2-vs-2. One player controls the 2 defensive rods to the left (rods 1+2) and the partner control the 2 offensive rods (rods 3+4)

Goalie War

This is a 1-vs-1 match, and here it is only the 2 defensive roads that are in play from each team. That makes it so that the 4 middle rods are twisted upside down and taken out of the match.