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How to Dispose of or Recycle a Foosball Table♻️ The Complete Guide


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If you were wondering how and whether it is possible to recycle foosball tables or just how to get rid of it, in this article I will try to answer all of these questions.

There are many companies which make foosball tables that are made of recyclable materials, of course, there are those who are not so modern and eco-friendly, but there is a solution, you can scatter your old foosball tables and use parts of it to make something which will be useful for your household. And the recycle the rest.

Are Foosball Tables Recyclable? ♻️

As for every product, and here’s the answer, it can be, but it does not have to be. It all depends on what kind of product variant you decide. Recyclable products are generally more expensive, as the manufacturers have made a special effort to make the most quality, and in line with the requirements of the present times, including an excellent design, and to be eco-friendly.

A foosball table is made of all possible materials, made of plastic, metal, rubber, literally from any material you can imagine, but recyclable materials for it is wood or a mixture of wood with some other contents, or carton.

The best material is, of course, a good quality, solid wood for the base of the table. However, it is very expensive, therefore manufacturers mainly use a blend of wood with resin or some other component to make them more profitable. This is a solid replacement for solid wood.

Of course, it’s always a better table to be easy to transfer it from room to room, so the weight of the material makes it important when shopping.

Solid wood is heavy, although it’s better than fiber. As a high-quality material of foosball table allows you to last for a very long time.

The largest number of foosball tables that are being made today is made of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). This material is very moisture resistant, which is its main advantage, it may even be more resistant than any other quality wood. MDF is resistant to bugs and termites and it is eco-friendly. This is a recyclable material and therefore is the best for shopping.

How to Dispose of a Foosball Table?

Whether you move and you can not move all of the furniture to a new space, if you are just bored with an old foosball table, or you decided to buy a new, more modern one, it’s normal that you will start thinking about how you can get rid of it…

The most important thing is to think of it as a regular table because in its name there is this piece of furniture. Depending on the condition and how long you have used it, you can also think about how to take care of it and get rid of it.

You can simply donate it to an institution if it is in a good state, otherwise, if you have broken one or damaged one, you can find the cheapest and the most appropriate way to throw it out.

Disposing of, especially a large foosball table, can be very complicated because it is very large, it’s heavy and you have no idea what to do with it. Often, it can not fit into the car’s trunk anywhere, and you have no other way to dispose of it by yourself. That’s why countless organized companies can help you.

In the USA there are a lot of options how can you get rid off it. Here are some of the options for you.


For starters, you can always take it to the nearest local landfill. If you have a big car, it will not be a big problem to call a landfill and ask about waste disposal, whether you receive any compensation, whether you need to pay for some taxes, and just take it there.

This method costs about only 50$. This method of disposal is good since it is most convincingly cheaper, the only thing that is required is that you have a pick-up truck, which is, however, not a small requirement. Complete your job very fast this way, you do not have to negotiate with anyone, what is not a small thing.

Leave it at the Sidewalk or Curb

If you want to put your football on the sidewalk or near the container, it’s best to ask local authorities what kind of law is in your area. A possible way of disposal in different cities is distinguished. Sometimes they will ask you to pay for leaving the furniture at that place, and sometimes they will just ask you to wrap them in nylon.

However, in some cities, it is prohibited to dispose of waste on the street, so it is best to inquire well. If possible, this is not such a bad way to get rid of your foosball table, it’s possible that a child will need it. The advantage of this method is that it is free of charge in most cases.


This method is very affordable, many companies have this possibility. Rent a large container that they will leave in front of your house, all you have to surplus, or you want to throw, just put it in, and when you finish they come and pick up what you left, since then it’s no longer your concern. This is perhaps the easiest way.

Depending on the size of the container, the price range is moving. Approximately prices range from $ 250 to $ 350. The benefit of this method of delay is that the companies are very up-to-date, you do not have to be at home when they come to pick up a container with your stuff, and they always respect the agreed time.

Junk removal service

The waste disposal company will send people to your home, they will see what you want to take away, tell you the price for it, and if you agree, they will take off very quickly.

This is a very good way to get rid of the old football table, because it’s only one thing, given that a large amount of garbage would be charged a lot. It’s charged on a piece of furniture, and since we’re writing about how best to put off your foosball table, maybe this is not the bad idea.

You can always find companies that offer discounts at a certain time of day or for certain locations, it is best to be well informed via the Internet before deciding on this step.

Scrap dealers

If you have a metal foosball table, this may be the ideal way to get rid of it. Depending on whether it is an iron table or made of any other material will give you a sum of money for a piece of furniture. It is better if the iron is the main metal, given that it is charged three times more.

I think this is the only way possible to deposit a metal foosball table, but it does exist, so you do not have to worry. After all, they mostly pay you some figures to give them that metal piece of furniture.

Donate or gift it

The last way is to donate to someone or donate to an organization. Certainly, you will not have to take it away, because every help is endangered to people who are vulnerable and organizations will organize the picking up of your foosball table.

On the other hand, there will always be a child whose parents can not afford this kind of toy, so it can serve him, no matter in what condition yours is. It’s always best to treat someone this way, it will mean a lot to them, you’ll feel good about it too.

Creative Ways to Recycle your Foosball Table!

1. Mailbox & Key hanger!

One of the very interesting ways of recycling your foosball table is using it as a key hanger! To do this, you should unscrew the bottom of your foosball table and replace it with a blackboard. Then, you should make the upper goal a little broad with a chisel and shut the bottom goal with a piece of wood.

By doing this, you can put your mail or important bills into the foosball table, the player figurines will hold it from falling off while the handlebars for figurines can be used for hanging keys, hats, umbrella and other objects that you want. On the blackboard, you can keep your meeting tables or write a personal message…

2. A Pot-Rack Foosball Table!

If you need more space in the kitchen or you just want your kitchen to look more creative and artistic, than a pot-rack foosball table may be the right way of recycling for you. To do this, you would need to remove the parts of wood where the goals are and then use the playing sticks as a kind of shelves for your kitchen wares.

After removing goals, use playing sticks by adjusting them horizontally on the bottom part of the foosball table. Make sure that the bars are firmed to the bottom part of the table.

You should probably use some bigger screws for the job. Now, all you need to do is hanging up your kitchen wares. Decide what goes where and surely you will impress your friends with this decorative foosball table recycling project.

3. Bathroom Towel Hanger!

Sometimes, the simplest ideas may be much more appealing! One of the easiest ways to use your recycled parts of the foosball table is by just chopping the row of the figurines and using them as a towel hanger. The only thing you need besides the figurines are the simplest hinges you can find and some screws.

The best place for this creative DIY would probably be behind the bathroom doors. You can also write the names of family members above the heads of the figurines, thus making clear who uses which towel in the house. It is really easy to make and it doesn’t require a lot of effort, so if you are not too skilled with handworks, you still may have some creative DIY foosball table decoration around your house!

4. A Foosball Table in a Regular Coffee Table

Imagine this, you have a foosball table, but you are having trouble keeping it because there is no room for it. Well, this may be one of the best and the most creative and at the same time productive way of recycling your foosball table.

All you would need to achieve this is:
Paint, 8 blocks of wood of the same size, glass-holders, some screws, and hard-glass. From the 8 blocks of wood, you should make stands for your new foosball table, or even better, you can recycle some old coffee table and make it even less expensive and easier to do.

Now merge those parts with your foosball table so it looks more like a coffee table. Add the glass-holders into every corner of the foosball table and then inert glass on it. Now you can put your coffee on the foosball table and at the same time enjoy a good old game with your friends.

Restoration and Reselling your Foosball Table

If you still do not have the idea of what to do with your used Foosball Table, then why don’t you sell it? There are many numerous ways in which you can restore your Foosball table to its original condition and selling it for a good price.

Also, it is not a bad idea to think about what you can do in order to improve the looks of your Foosball Table, sometimes this can attract a lot of different people who may even not be that crazy about Foosball, think of it as a transformation into the thematic Foosball table.

Think of any popular show or game that people like and then do your best at making your Foosball Table authentic. You can always try selling your table at Craigslist or eBay, whatever soothes you best!

There you can see the prices of other used Foosball Tables and their condition, then you can compare all of that with the situation you are having with yours and you will easily conclude how much your Foosball Table is worth. 

If you are thinking of restoring your Foosball Table to its original condition you should think about these things:

  • Think about the Foosball Table surface, this part of the table is usually the part that is used up the most! Look at the paint of it, is the paint gone?

    Try to see if you have any damages in terms of a small hole. Try to see if there are some parts of the wood that are wet, this is a common problem since a lot of players get their drinks spilled on the Foosball Table.

    The best solution for this one would be finding a Foosball table that has a good surface and using it for yours.
  • Foosball Men are also important! You should try and make them pretty as the first time you bought the table. The first thing would be cleaning them with a dry piece of cloth and if this does not work, you should put little soap on your dry cloth and rub the soap on them.

    After this, use one dry piece of cloth to get all the soap and dirt off. If you are still unsatisfied with the looks of your Foosball Men, then think about repainting. You can find some good paint for your Players and make them look good once again.

    The next thing you should do is the inspection of their firmness to the rod if they are not firmly placed on the rod. Think of the ways how you can bring that firm grip back again.
  • The last thing you should look at is rods. Rods have a tendency to go a little rusty for so many reasons. They can go rusty if you have kept the Table in some dark and wet place like a basement or an attic.

    These come in the form of small spots on rods and they look really unaesthetic. One of the really great ways of getting rid of this rust and at the same time one of the cheapest ways would be with Coke and dry cloth.

    The only thing you should do is to get a little Coca-Cola on your dry cloth and with circular movements, you should try and get the stains of rust off. After you are finished, take a wet tissue and take off all of the soda and remaining fluids from the rods.

    In some cases the rods on your Foosball table may be bent or broken, so what to do in that case? In most of the cases, you have probably witnessed or have been a victim of a friend who pushed or pulled too hard on the grips and made them crooked or faulty.

    Now, before going to stores and figuring out the ways of paying for the really expensive rods, you could try to fix the bent or crooked one! The best way of fixing your rod is getting it in the perfect position for fixing. In other words, if the rod is bent downwards, you should spin the rod until your grip is downward and then gently try to pull toward the ceiling of your home.

    Do this until you see clearly and feel that your rod is back to its original place. If this does not help and if there is no hope for your faulty rod, then the only thing that is left is the replacement.

    Now, this part of the Foosball Table may be a bit expensive since there is a lot of different sizes and quality of the rods. The average price for the universal, regular rod is around $50 while the whole set of 8 rods would cost you around $250 or even more. You will surely agree that this is not a small amount of money, thus make sure that you have tried everything before buying new ones. 
  • The final part of cleaning is really important! Even if your Foosball Table is in great condition, it may have a lot of dust on it or some stains from food and other things that you might have spilled on it.

    You should take everything that you have for dusting and start cleaning! Think about the inside corners of the table, in most cases, there is a lot of dust there.

    Think about the screws in the Foosball Table! Why don’t you cover them with some black caps for covering the screws so it looks more beautiful and more appealing to your potential buyer?

There are numerous ways of selling or restarting your Foosball Table, we hope that you have found some of our explanations helpful and that you have found the best solution for your Foosball Table.

Is it Possible to Recycle or Dispose of Specific Foosball Tables like the Atlantis Foosball Table or American Heritage?

When it comes to the question of whether it’s possible to recycle or dispose of specific foosball tables like the Atlantis Foosball Table or American Heritage, it’s important to read an Atlantis foosball table review to get insight on the best way to handle these items. Proper disposal and recycling methods can vary based on the specific table.

Where to Find a Recycling Foosball Table Made of Cardboard?

There is one German company that was founded in 2011, which makes recycling foosball tables Its possible delivery around the world. They decided to make these cardboard tables.

Most people wondered how it could be made of cardboard, would not it quickly break up and ruin … But the manufacturers were particularly processing the cartons, so they became very durable. Of course, they decided to make handles from wood, because it was easier to fold them.

As far as the basics of this table are concerned, they used a very interesting origami technique to assemble parts of the table to be as permanent as possible.

This is not the usual way of making a foosball table, it’s very strange, so a small number of people decide to buy it. It’s not overly expensive, it costs about $ 60. When it arrives at your home address, it is ready and easy to assemble, no screws, adhesives or any material is needed.

With it, you get the figurines of German players, as it is, as we said, done in Germany. Since the Germans are big beer lovers, you can find on the edges of foosball a can holders, which is not so smart concerning the material because if you spill, your ordered product is destroyed.

Since today it is very important that the products are recyclable, it is not surprising that someone has designed this kind of semi-permanent table. It’s a very interesting idea and I suppose many companies will deal with these products in the future.

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