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Proper Foosball Grip Technique ⚽ A Complete Guide


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How do I get better at Foosball? It has been my favorite question since my school years. I’ve been watching and learning Foosball tricks from several places. A foosball player takes a winning shot only when he/she has the right grip on the rod. In this article, I will focus on the grip on the foosball rods.

The proper foosball grip depends on the situation. There is the closed hand grip which is good for push and pull shots. The most common shot with open-handed shot is the Snake Shot. But I will go more into details in the article on each.

A foosball winning shot is the perfect combination of the speed and grip of your hand on the rod. More often beginners hold the rod too hard to move it easily. Foosball is a game of spontaneity and agility on the table. It does take practice to make perfection. 

Here are a few things that you need to know and learn for mastering the proper foosball grip technique. 

Why does your grip matter?

Foosball is a table-top game. Your hand moves can make or break a shot. When you hold the rod too hard, you’ll restrict your hand from moving fast and flexible. On the contrary, a loose grip will result in a sloppy move. So, you’ll have to learn the proper grip technique that’s neither too hard nor too loose for the winning shot. 

Every professional foosball player has a tried and tested strategy to win the game. Fast moves along with the right-hand grip help win the shots easily. You can practice a couple of grip techniques such as open handed or wrist flick to get better at foosball.

A foosball shot is affected by the placement of your thumb, wrist moves, and grip technique. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, learning a few simple new tricks can take you a long way in the game. 

Foosball Closed Hand Grip?

The speed with ease is what gets you to win in a foosball game. Keep your grip light on the handle and work on your moves freely and fluidly for better shots. A traditional shot grip is a foundational step for your success in playing foosball either as a beginner or professional. Get the basics right first with patience and practice.

Closed Handed Grip

There are a variety of shots in the foosball game. A traditional grip is the first and foremost grip technique which you’ll need to master to become a successful player. It can be easily applied to a number of standard shots like pull shots, push shots and tic-tac shots. So, how do check yourself to know your grip is right? If your skin between index finger and thumb is completely wrapped around the handle, then you are gripping it too hard. Allow a small gap between your palm and the handle for effortless shooting. 

Remember, foosball is played on a table with limited hand movements unlike tennis or baseball out in the field. So, flexing every inch of your hand muscles is your best bet to win your opponent. You’ll need to balance power and finesse whether you’re busy shooting goals or playing defense. 

Foosball Open Handed Grip?

One of the most popular foosball shot is the snake shot. In this shot, the foosball man traps the ball between his foot and the pitch before moving it sideways to shoot. What’s special about the player’s grip in this shot? The highlight of the snake or rollover shot is that it makes use of the open-handed foosball grip. Yes, your wrist turns the rod to shoot the goal. 

First, the foosball man has to be tilted forward to a position in his toe is pinning the ball against the table. Secondly, when the foosball ball is resting in this position, players switch from the traditional grip to an open-handed grip. Now, your hand is in an open position with your wrist touching the handle. How you place your wrist is completely your choice based on your own experience and effectiveness. What works for one player may not be right for the other. So, find your own spot. Finally, this grip allows you to rotate the handle resulting in the man swinging almost a full rotation with a backward somersault before shooting the ball to the goalpost. 

At a first glance, a player might confuse a rollover shot as an illegal spin. But, actually, the man makes contact with the ball right before a full 360-degree turn is completed which makes it a legal shot. The only catch is that the player needs to master this shot skillfully without ending up making an illegal shot. There is just a fine line between the two. 

Open vs. Closed Hand Grip

On the question of when to use one versus the other, it really depends on the type of series that you’re doing. Once you start making passes in your game you should know and be able to catch things with closed handed grip. So you can setup a shot right as you do a pass. But check out the video below for a little more info on the subject.

Pull Shot Grip

Here is a video guide on how to make the pull shots primarily from the 2-man rod but this can also be used when doing it from the 3-man rod.

How to Improve your Foosball Grip? 

Foosball players are always caught between the dilemma to choose the right shooting style. Whether to go with the palm or wrist grip? Practically speaking, both have their own pros and cons at different point of time in a game. So, you’ll find what works for you only by playing frequently. 

Professional players with several years of practice often switch between different grip techniques and shooting styles to make the most out of the game. A winning shot doesn’t have one particular grip technique or shooting style. It’s a combination of different shots done at the right speed and timing. 
For instance, you can go for a closed grip to set up your foosball’s position when passing the ball. An open grip technique like wrist flick is best to shoot the ball for a goal. However, switching grip techniques results in delay. It gives your defense team enough time to prepare themselves to block the goal. 

You’ll have to work out regularly to build stamina and speed in your hands and feet. Yes, your feet movements also count while playing foosball. Sweaty palms and sore muscles are big deal breakers when it comes to winning a foosball game. Use the right foosball gears like wraps and tubes to get a good grip on the handle. Your rod movements have to outbeat your opponent team. A proper foosball grip technique for the winning shot is your defining moment in the game. 

How to Get a better Foosball Wrist Flick? 

To begin with, start by using your right hand. Most of the shooting shots are done with the right hand. Train yourself to control your right-hand moves on the foosball table. You’ll also need to work on controlling the ball within the limited space to make a goal happen. Make time and effort to do it right. 

To do the wrist flick grip right you’ll have to position the ball in the center right in front of an open goal. Try to lift the defending rods for an open shot, if that’s what you’re aiming at. Place the ball under your front three-man rod. Now, you can hit the ball with a powerful blow straight into the goal. The wrist flick grip allows you to make the most powerful kick of the ball towards the goalpost. 

Keep in mind to use your middle man and avoid pushing or pulling the rod while practicing this shot. The wrist flick shot helps you pack power while passing the ball between your 3 men. Take extra caution to pin down the ball as it might slip away while being held in position. Place the tip of the foosball man’s leg on top of the ball to avoid it from slipping away. 

What’s the right equipment for better grip? 

You might have observed that almost all professional foosball players use foosball wraps and tubes in tournaments. Why? Well, wraps can help improve your grip of the foosball handle. Adding to it, it can also support you to make advanced shots like the snake shot during the game. 

Interestingly, you can use wraps on other handles to help you improve defense and passing moves as well. It helps you grip better while you tend to have sweaty palms over the course of the game. There are a number of wrap types to choose from based on thickness and tackiness. It completely depends on your comfort and gaming style to make the right choice. 

What you’ll need to know when using wraps? Ideally, you’ll have to replace your wraps once every 3 months or earlier depending on how often you play. A good tacky wrap will sure help you make more winning shots. So, check on your gears frequently to know if they need to be replaced. If your wraps feel too hard, less tacky with no moisture then it’s time to get a new one.

Every foosball grip technique has a more detailed trick to make the shot more powerful and successful. For example, you’ll pack more power to your wrist flick grip if you clench your fist while shooting the ball. It’s crucial to use this simple trick as you’ll need all the power to shoot the ball, especially while playing against an experienced player. It’s almost impractical to know the theory behind winning shots but never truly practicing them. The more you practice, the better you get at it. 

Foosball game is more of a passion than a hobby for most of us. Getting better day by day is a great motivation in the game. However, every game has its nuances and glitches to master. Read, watch and play foosball to become a pro. You learn by watching others play. Online videos and blogs are great resources to help you learn and improve foosball skills from anywhere at any time. 

It takes a great deal of patience and practice to play the game at an advanced level like a pro. So, never lose sight of your goals and stay focused on improving your skills every day. Enjoy the game!

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