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Foosball is an emerging sport. Today, foosball is not just some household game that is believed to be a recreational activity, but rather it is a full-fledged sport that has full-time professional players taking part in tournaments hosted worldwide and training foosball enthusiasts to become better at the game. 

So, as a new sport, foosball catching up momentum quite fast. It’s not uncommon to see offices, university common rooms, and clubs sporting large, sturdy foosball tables. 

In case you too are interested to bring the foosball culture to your home, club, office, or bar, you need to know about the best brands that supply authentic foosball equipment that is approved by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF). Foosball can be played in different styles like French-style, German-style, American-style, etc. 

In this article, we will be focusing on the American-style foosball and we shall be discussing one of the two most well-known foosball table brands across the world, Fireball. 

Fireball foosball tables are among the most popular variety used across the world for their unmatched reliability and durability. Interested to know more? Read on! 

Fireball Company Background

Fireball is an American brand that designs and manufactures foosball tables primarily for both casual and competitive matches of the game. 

Fireball as a brand has always been known for its professional-grade foosball tables that boast incredible durability. It is one of the two brands worldwide that have received a sanction from the International Table Soccer Federation for their foosball tables. Many of the tournaments that take place in American style foosball use Fireball foosball tables there. 

The brand since 2009 has been recognized for its official international foosball tournament and training tables. Ever since, more than 25 countries across the world have used (and continue to use) Fireball brand foosball tables which have lasted considerably well over the years of intense, professional play. 

Fireball Tournaments

Right not the Fireball brand is an ITSF recognized table and therefore you are able to find it on the tournament scene.

Some of the regular tournaments where Fireball brand tables have been used and are used currently include:

Foosball International Series
Foosball Master Series
Foosball Pro Tour

The only 3 tournaments that the Fireball Competition Table isn’t approved for is:

Foosball World Cup
Foosball World Championship
Foosball World Championship Series

Needless to say, Fireball as a brand is one of the better brands on the professional and commercial foosball space. Fireball brand’s tables are good because they are built with the high-quality raw materials and components which when come together can construct tables that do not suffer dents or broken corners or even scratches even if they are played or tested to no end. 

Fireball Products

While Fireball as a brand is known primarily for designing and manufacturing foosball tables, the company is also known to manufacture balls for the sport. The company manufactures foosballs in packs of 5 that can satisfy both casual and competitive play requirements.

The foosball tables that are manufactured by the company are meant to be kept in commercial places mostly like barrooms, or clubs, or game rooms, etc. Therefore, they happen to have a coin-operated mechanism wherein the game would begin (the foosball would appear) only after a coin is put in the machine. As it may already be implied, all the products of the Fireball brand are approved by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF)

Hence, whether it be the fireball foosball table or the foosball itself, you can purchase them no matter whether it’s for a recreational purpose or a commercial one. 

Fireball Foosball Tables’ Features

Fireball as a company tries to push in as many features into its foosball tables as it can. The reason for Fireball being one of the most successful brands in the American style foosball is simply because it packs a lot of features all at once that motivate the buyers and customers do not think for a second time when they decide to purchase the tables. Some of the features of Fireball foosball tables include:

  1. Thick playing surfaces that do not get damaged or worn out even after years of competitive gaming.
  2. The waterproof and chip-resistant back wall that will not get damaged either due to water spills or from moderate to heavy level impacts. 
  3. Black anodized foosball rods with the ability to support as much as 65 kg – 90 kg of force thus making them extremely durable. At the same time, they are cold drawn, so they can be quite light and if you are an offensive player, then your speed will not be affected. 
  4. Heavy table bases (approximately 100-150 kg) that add unrivaled stability to the tables and hence those won’t wobble or shake no matter how often they are used. Therefore, due to their heavy nature, even if the other player or side attempts jarring, you might hear a loud noise from that, but the table would not move, and the foosball’s movement would not be affected even slightly so. 
  5. Magnetized score record beads to allow the convenience of recording scores between players or teams quickly.
  6. Foosball rods have palm-friendly handles that are rubber-grip enabled to allow for a firm, yet comfortable grip.
  7. Foosball men are built out of special kinds of plastics that are extremely resistant to being broken even after repeated instances of being hit hard by the ball. 
  8. Reinforced levelers are attached at the base of the legs to allow for the reliable and safe leveling of the foosball tables with almost no chances of failure.
  9. Multiple locks included for the coin-operated foosball tables to ensure that the coins collected cannot be stolen, or that the system cannot be broken into no matter what.
  10. Improved silicone bumpers that arguably can endure even extremely aggressive foosball sessions.
  11. Approximately 2-inch-thick foosball table side walls which will not suffer any damage thanks to their thickness. 
  12. Split-style cabinet built to enable the collection of the coins collected. 

Those are only some of the relatively standard features that most of the Fireball brand foosball tables sport; the more specialized versions of those would certainly have more features. 

Fireball Brand Specialty

When it comes to the American style of foosball, two main brands are known for their sturdy and quality foosball tables, and those include Tornado and Fireball. Fireball is known across the world for its hard and sturdy playing surface of the foosball tables which is essential to help the players have an exciting and fun-filled game. 

The fireball brand is synonymous with the elements of quality and durability. One look at the table made or manufactured by the brand is enough to suggest that the tables are built solidly and unlike a lot of other brands which come up with tables that start suffering problems like weak or broken legs, or loose screws, etc., the Fireball brand is much more reliable, and the company’s foosball tables thrive on the element of lasting for longer periods of time without requiring any (or much) active maintenance on part of their owners. This also saves up on the costs, too.

Fireball as a brand builds foosball tables which happen to be somewhat of a hybrid between the German and French styles of foosball because those tables are designed and built to have games on them that focus on the speed of the game. Because the playing surfaces of Fireball foosball tables are especially hard, any games played on them would result in very fast-paced movements of the foosball, but that’s just how the professional foosball players prefer it to be.

Fireball follows the offensive style of foosball and hence its tables are designed to maximize the elements of ball control, ball passing, and shot execution. As a brand, Fireball is known for manufacturing foosball tables that result in fluidic gaming experiences for the players no matter whether they are playing casually or competitively. 

Another specialty of the brand is Fireball’s unique fast foosball rod change system which ensures and allows for the whole assembly of the rods along with everything including figures, handles, and bumpers, all of which are pre-mounted and can hence be installed on the foosball table or removed from the table within 10 seconds or less.

While this option is available in the commercial or professional models of the brand’s foosball tables, it is a great help to the whole competitive gaming scene in foosball because usually, installing or removing the parts on the foosball table can take a lot of time and can hence be a hassle. 

Are Fireball and Dynamo the Same Brand of Foosball Tables?

Yes, Fireball and Dynamo are both popular foosball brand valleydynamo that are known for their high-quality and durable foosball tables. While they may have different features and designs, both brands are well-respected in the foosball community for their top-notch tables.


Therefore, you can now see why Fireball is so highly preferred among professional foosball players and associations, right? Put together the highest quality materials with the finest quality of engineering and quality testing and you have what Fireball foosball tables are made up of. 

It is true that Fireball foosball tables do not come cheap, and you might be tempted to consider buying a cheaper foosball table to save a few hundred dollars, but saving a few hundred dollars for the frustration and irritation of being stuck with a broken or faulty foosball table is just not worth it. 

Trust us, we know!

The brand manufactures foosball tables that are so well-made that you could just buy 1 foosball table in your entire life, and it would always serve you as good as new given that the table was from the Fireball brand.

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