Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table

This review is written by a user and a buyer of the Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table:

I bought the Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table product a few weeks ago and I don’t regret it at all, It’s not the only table I currently have as I’ve been collecting them ever since I graduated from med school, but it certainly is one of my best.

The overall frame is sturdy and it doesn’t really sway from side to side (even during the most intense games). The interior of the table is absolutely perfect in terms of looks as well as functionality. So far, I’ve been playing with the table continuously since my purchase, and the description does not disappoint.

Everything is included in the kit as stated including spare playing balls and a handy protective cover, like a foosball addict I’ve encountered a lot of worthy tables across the years and this is in the top, the fact that the players are not plastic-made makes them much stronger and durable during play, the poles are nicely fitted with rubber grips that makes them all the much easier and comfortable to handle.

The bottom of the supporting poles are also sturdy and they’ve got this nice grip to the ground so the table doesn’t move forward or backward during play.

Overall I’ll sum up the quality of the Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table.


  • It comes with everything mentioned in the set.
  • Its appropriately sized, so it’ll easily fit in any reasonably sized room.
  • It works great outside with the cover to protect it.
  • The three-year warranty really places you in a comfortable worry-free position.
  • The grips really give you the feel of the play.
  • The side rails keep the ball in the play area.


  • When it comes to foosball I prefer my players to be painted and not just the traditional red and blue peg style.
  • The table is slightly too heavy.
  • The outside appearance of the table could be overall improved.
  • This product is costly unless you’re a serious foosball player that wants to play professionally.

A lot of sites recommend that the foosball tables you buy be fitted with a good ball recovery system, so nobody has to actually reach their hand in and grab it, the ball pocket really does help with this matter in terms of safety, especially around children if they aren’t careful enough.

The Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table comes pre-lubed, so you don’t need to worry about rough poles during play. I especially love the glass surface and the way it glistens in the corner of my room, the railings are that bring the ball back from the corners are a nice touch too, something you don’t usually encounter with mediocre foosball tables, the ball still gets stuck sometimes but that rarely ever happens.

I had always been a fan of the Kettler products due to their high quality looks as well as performance. In conclusion, I’d give the Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table a rating of about 8/10, despite some of its flows I would recommend the Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table and I personally got my money’s worth.

This review is written by a user and a buyer of the Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table: