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Arab countrieswidely known as كرة قدم (Korah Fatel) in Arabic, which means “rolling football.” It is also called بيبي فوت (baby-foot) in some Arabic regions, including Palestine and Jordan.
AustraliaFoosball or Table football
AustriaWuzler (also spelled Wuzzler), playing table football is called wuzeln
BelgiumTafelvoetbal/Kicker (after the brand of foosball tables)
BrazilPebolim or totó
BulgariaФутбол на маса (“table football”), also джаги
Canadausually foosball, but often referred to as jitz which initiated from the Italian word “gitoni” which means foosball or table soccer. People called it gitz for short and spelled it “jitz” for elegance. In the province of Quebec, it is known as baby-foot.
China桌上足球 (table football)
Costa RicaFutbolín
CroatiaStolni nogomet
Czech Republicfotbálek, regionally (mostly in Moravia) also kalčo (from “kalit” a slang for “to play”)
DenmarkBordfodbold (lit. “table football”)
FranceBaby-foot or Babyfoot
GermanyTable football is commonly known as TischfußballTischkickerKicker or Krökeln in German.[1]
GreeceΠοδοσφαιράκι (“Small footbal”)
Iranفوتبال دستی (handheld football)
IrelandFoosball or Table football
Israelכדורגל שולחן (table football)
Italycalcio balillabigliardino or biliardino (from “biglia”, little ball) or even calcetto (less frequent, since “calcetto” is commonly used to indicate Five-a-side football), and in particular areas fubalino
Japanテーブル・フットボール, loanword, pronounced teburu futtoboru
LatviaGalda futbols
LithuaniaStalo futbolas
Other Spanish-speaking countriesIn some other Spanish-speaking countries the terms fútbol de mesa or futbolito are used, although the latter might also refer to football played on a smaller field.
Pakistanwidely known as پٹّی (patti) in Urdu, which means “pitch or strip”
Perufulbito de mesa or futbolín
Polandpiłkarzyki, which roughly translated means “small football players”
PortugalMatraquilhos or matrecos
RomaniaFusbal or Fotbal de masa
Russiaкикер or настольный футбол
SerbiaStoni fudbal
SloveniaRočni nogomet
South AfricaTata box/Ma tata/Foosball
Spain, Colombia and Costa Ricafutbolín (In Spanish autonomy of Galicia, where is spoken a language linked with Portuguese, it’s also called matraquiños and ferriños)
Thailandฟุตบอลโต๊ะ (table football)
United Kingdomtable football
United Statesfoosball

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