Official ITSF Professional Foosball Tables (Complete List)

ITSF ranks their tables in a few categories and tables in each of these categories is approved for playing in different tournaments. In this article, I will try and list all the tables that are approved for the different tournaments.

This can help you when looking at what table you should bed practicing on depending on how high of a tournament you are going to play in. you can also use it as somewhat of a guide on what table you could consider buying for your home.

ITSF Category Groups

There are a few groups of ITSF which ITSF approve tables I will first list the groups. Then later I will go more into the different ones.

  1. ITSF Official Tables
  2. ITSF Recognized Tables
  3. ITSF 2 Legs Official Tables
  4. Rollerball Official Tables


As you can see here on the right side there is a list of how high the tournaments rank in the ITSF. But it is made so that if a table is approved for on championship then it is also approved for all the championships below it.

That means that the Warrior Table that is a “ITSF Recognized Table” is approved for the “International” “Master Series” and “Pro Tour”.

ITSF Official Tables

This is the top category of ITSF approved tables. This only contains 5 brands if tables ist are allowed to be played on in all tournament, all the way to the “World Cup” Here listed in no particular order.

All these table are approved for the following tournaments:

  • World Cup
  • World Championship
  • World Championship Series
  • International
  • Master Series
  • Pro Tour

Bonzini – ITSF B90

This table has a 1-goalie setup and is, therefore, more aimed at the European foosball community also being made in France.

This amazing table football from Bonzini comes in outstanding robust quality. An absolute top-class table football game.

The materials are of the same solid casting used for model B60 Bar. The interior and exterior of the cabinet measures 22 mm and is made of exquisite beech and beech plywood. The table is subsequently treated with polyurethane lacquer.

The mechanical part of the table itself is composed of components that will withstand even the toughest treatment.

The interchangeable telescopic rods are made of chromed steel. The players, who are finished in the hand and specially painted, are made of aluminum and attached to the telescopic rods with powerful screws.

The goals are made of polished aluminum.

Key Information on – Bonzini ITSF B90

⭐ ITSF Official Competition Table
???? Made in Italy
⚽ Cork Foosball.
Laminated Playing Surface With Bank Corners
???? 1-man Goalie Setup
⛹️ Counterbalanced Plastic Players With Square Feet.
???? Made for Controlled Fast Play and Suited For ITSF Official Rules


World Champion is produced by Italian Garlando, Europe’s largest and by enthusiasts considered to make not only the nicest football tables but also high-quality table football games. Garlando produces 100% classic table football games. In addition to the classic foosball games, Garlando has designed a large number of signature tables under his own brand.

Since this table is approved for tournament use, the foosball table has telescope bars. The table is also fitted with rubber “springs” instead of the ordinary steel springs. Rubber “shock absorbers” are part of the requirements for tournament football games.

Key Information on – Garlando World Champion Table

⭐ ITSF Official Competition Table
???? Made in Italy
⚽ Hard White Textured Plastic balls, But Cork also work.
➖ Glass Surface With Bank Corners
???? 1-man Goalie Setup
⛹️ Counterbalanced Plastic Players With Square Feet.
???? Made for Controlled Fast Play and Suited For ITSF Official Rules

The playing surface is in sandblasted glass. The sandblasting makes it possible to dribble and tame balls at full speed.

Garlando Champion Table and players

The glass plate ensures that the playing surface remains straight / even. The glass also makes the game extremely durable.

The corners, which are slightly raised, avoid obfuscation situations along the edges.

World Champion is fitted with the special counters for tournament use.

The table legs can be adjusted individually so that the table can be leveled 100%. The leveling means that the table can stand flat and stable. The Master Champion weighs 75 kg and stands firmly solid even when most wild teenagers play.

The game handles are ergonomically designed with inlaid wood, the embedded wood provides a better grip and minimizes sweat in the palms.

The bars are equipped with ball bearings on both sides, the ball bearings provide a faster game, and the wood inserts are very gentle on the players’ wrists.

The playing surface is green with white markings that look like a real football field. The players are in classic red and blue colors and they are in a typical European offensive 1-2-5-3 lineup.

World Champion is 100% on par with the other ITSF approved tables.

Tornado – Tournament T-3000

The Tornado Tournament T-3000, is the most expensive of the 5. It comes with both the 3-man goalie setup and the 1-man goalie. This table is of great quality, this quality and sturdiness of the table is key factors for way this table is so long lasting and durable.

The table is on the top of the US market and is the go-to table of the Pros here. An where the other brands have a lower their table that can be used in the lower tournament Tornado only has this one table that is ITSF tournament approved.

Read more on the on the brand Tornado in our article here.

Key Information on – Tournament T-3000

⭐ ITSF Official Competition Table
???? Made in Texas, United States
⚽ Hard Textured Red Plastic balls
➖ Glass Surface With Bank Corners
???? Both 3-man and 1-Man Goalie Setup Tables Can Be Bought
⛹️ Counterbalanced Plastic Players With Triangular Feet.
???? Made for Controlled play and Suited For ITSF Official Rules


See-Through Goals – The transparent goal allows you to see through the goal from all sides. The transparent goal is a standard on all leo_pro tables. 

1-Goalie setup – but with the twist that the goalie can actually spin all the way around.

A Goalkeeper is Under Control – The Goalkeepers on have more control of the ball, even in the goal. Now the goalkeeper has access to the rear – and get better access and stop those “lucky shots”.

Key Information on – Leo Tournament

⭐ ITSF Official Competition Table
???? Made in Germany
⚽ Hard White Textured Plastic balls
➖ Glass Surface With Bank Corners
???? 1-man Goalie Setup – That can spin all the way around
⛹️ Counterbalanced Plastic Players. (weight in the head)
???? Made for Controlled play and Suited For ITSF Official Rules

Roberto Sports – Sport Revolution

This great table comes with great metal legs that are fitted on the outside of the table, making this table very stable. It is made with a 1-man goalie setup.

The playing surface is made with with laminated plastic

Key Information on – Sport Revolution

⭐ ITSF Official Competition Table
???? Made in Italy
⚽ Hard White Smooth Plastic balls
➖ Laminated Playing Surface With Bank Corners
???? 1-man Goalie Setup
⛹️ Counterbalanced Plastic Players With Square Feet.
???? Made for fastball play and Suited For ITSF Rollerball Rules